Mind Stone

“Imbecile,” Thanos moaned as he received the news. Apparently, some idiot mook opened the hatch too early, and his precious Infinity Stones floated off into space. The Tesseract promptly activated and warped them away. However, he still had one stone, one that he had been testing on during the trip. The Mind Stone seemed to be the most powerful. Yes, he could travel time and space, but what was the fun in that? He loved control, and this little stone would give it to him.

Meanwhile, Star-Lord, Thor, and Captain America were off to fight Thanos. While everyone knew of his immense power, they also knew that he did not have the last Infinity Stone. Thor and Cap were the best choices in hand-to-hand combat, and Star-Lord, while being no slouch, was brought along mainly because he had a ship. Thanos allowed them to board the ship, as the heroes thought he wanted a challenge. However, he wanted a test to try out his new toy.

They made their way to the bridge, where Thanos was waiting for them. Cap got ready to fight, but the big purple brute just pulled a stone out of his pocket. By the time the three recognized what it was, it was too late. Cap went under the quickest, the power emanating from the stone similar to his military training. Thor fell not long after, his place coming as a remnant from his days as royalty. Finally, Star-Lord resisted for as long as he could, but the extreme power of the celestial object won him over. Thanos now had three hunky superheroes at his beck and call.

However, he had another plan in mind: sex. All four of them had human genitalia, so the process would not be difficult. He commanded the three to strip. It seemed like a prerequisite to becoming a superhero was having a massive cock, as all three of them were greatly above average. He knew Asgardians had substantially longer cocks, but Steve and Peter certainly won the biological lottery. He took those in before forming a jerk-off square.

An antiquated method he had learned when he was a wee celestial conqueror was sitting in a square, within arms’ reach of everyone else. Therefore, they could stroke their own dick, as well as everyone else. Thanos began by bringing them all to full mast, and then letting them experiment. He focused most of his attention on Steve, who seemed the purest of the three. He was the only one allowed to cum for this session, and for good reason. It seemed as though Steve had never gotten with the times with masturbation. The cumshot was one of the most massive both Thanos and Peter had seen from any species, and when Steve finally stopped cumming, after a solid minute or so, Thanos’ hand had literally turned white from all the cum.

He had Thor lick it off of him as he got ready for the next step. The three superheroes would suck him. He didn’t have magic up his sleeve, but his massive cock could easily support three Earthlings. They took turns focusing on the head, while the other two licked his shaft and played with his balls. Thanos had wanted to engage in some ass play, but when Peter’s whole head almost went up his ass, he made them only focus on the front. After a few minutes had passed, he was ready to cum.

He wasn’t as bad as Steve was, but he hadn’t cum in a while. The last stone was a pain to get, and masturbating before a warp never was good. He picked Thor to receive his seed, as he could resist the knock-back the resulting cumshot would give him. And Thanos was right. While Thor was pushed to the ground, Thanos actually smiled for once as he saw cum streaming down the sides of his mouth. For that same reason, Thor was chosen to receive Thanos’ cock in their fuck train.

The Asgardian just barely fit the conqueror in his ass. His obscenely large cock was able to fit in Star-Lord’s asshole, though, and Peter’s filled up Steve’s nicely. As an extra precaution, Thanos equipped Steve with a chastity cage, so he would be the only one not cumming. He then began thrusting. He began a chain reaction, as the next two in line abruptly rammed their cocks into their partner. They quickly found a rhythm, and to the others on the bridge, it looked undulating waves, only they were men.

The stench of sweat in the air was profuse. Along with the vigorous sweat produced by the fuckers, the crew were also getting hot, but not bothered. The aroma of sex lingered as well, and for Thanos, it was an accelerant, causing the waves to break faster. Thor could barely keep up, and the poor regular humans were pretty much tossed about like rag dolls. Thanos was then ready to cum for the second time in just a few minutes, depositing his cum into the Asgardian. Thor then came in Star-Lord, who deposited his spunk in Captain America. Steve, despite the tight cage, had a new dribble of cum come out, from Peter repeatedly hitting his prostrate. Thanos then dismissed the three mind-fucked superheroes as he got to work finding the missing Infinity Stones, and killing that mook.

Story requested by @thejwolf24
from Tumblr https://ift.tt/2Ug9E5O

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