Himbo Training

The courts were in for a reckoning. The #MeToo movement was quite successful at finding those individuals who raped, and since the statute of limitations was all but dropped, that meant a number of cases would go to trial, or have more guilty pleas. That had repercussions for the entire system, but one young prosecutor had a plan. Bryan Allbright was an aspiring gay lawyer who had a secret himbo fetish. He looked like one, with platinum blonde hair and a muscular body, but didn’t think like one. However, he soon realized that turning these men into himbos would practically remove them from society, and since they were so dumb, they wouldn’t rape again.

He found a business that did this sort of change, and then offered it as an option in the next plea deal he offered.

“So, what you’re telling me is the rape gets expunged from my record, and all I need to do is become a himbo? Fuck yeah I’ll do it!” Bryan smiled as he and the rapist, Link, signed the paperwork.

A couple days later, he arrived at the office building that housed Himbo HQ. It was out in the middle of a rural town, so it wouldn’t arouse much suspicion. Link arrived not long after Bryan, who had been squared away in a room where he could watch what happened to Link. The young man then appeared in the first room. The doctor there explained what was going on.

“Link has been told that each and every room has one thing he needs to move on and become a himbo. The first room has a specialized muscle growth serum that will increase his muscle mass to a suitable himbo level. Much like Alam Wernik, if you will.” Bryan of course knew how he was, and watched as Link chugged the glass. His muscles grew instantaneously, and popped the tight fitting button-down he was wearing. He had sweatpants on, so those bulged out even more than they had when he walked in, but didn’t break. A door then opened, and he moved on to the next room.

There, Bryan noticed it was much like a hair salon. The scientist continued, “In this room, the himbo’s hair is dyed to blonde. We prefer platinum blonde, and that’s what Link will be getting today. The hair dye is permanent, and the dye itself is the first step in reducing the IQ of the himbo, which is the goal.” Link sauntered over to the chair and got ready to get his hair dyed. He had done it before for spirit week at high school. He thought this process was a breeze, and actually fucking cool. He got to become a blonde sex god, and his record was expunged! Fucking sweet! The dyeing process did take a while, so Bryan and the scientist had a quick bite before Link moved on to the next room.

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