Too Good to be True

“Here you go,” said Nathaniel as he gave the receptionist his check. The membership for this gym cost a cool grand, monthly, but it showed great promise. One of his old friends in the chem department had signed up, and he had changed into a jock practically overnight. This would deplete his savings, but it was worth it. Nathaniel hadn’t been on a date since freshman year of high school. Even though he was poly, and looked relatively nice, no one wanted to date a twink like him. What was even worse was his small cock. He informed most girls and guys the average cock size was about 5″, but his erect cock only reached 4″. Not on micropenis level, but when a girl or guy finally got to that point with him, they called it off.

Nathaniel then changed into his gym clothes in the locker room. He normally wasn’t shy about his, but he seemed to be the smallest person there. Most of the other men in the locker room were jacked, and were joking around. Those who weren’t afraid to go nude showed off their massive cocks. Most were totally flaccid, and skewed heavily to the right on the cock-size scale. Nathaniel was having second thoughts, but the membership was non-refundable. He finished tying his shoes and then began his workout.

It was a simple workout, focusing on light cardio and weight training. This was just to get a feel for the gym. A personal trainer, included free of charge in the obscene cost for the gym, helped him a bit. When he needed a drink, however, the personal trainer slapped the bottle out of his hand, causing it to spill all over the floor.

“Members have to drink special gym-sanctioned water.”

“Weird,” thought Nathaniel, but he followed his trainer to a water cooler. The water bottles were also provided free of charge, so he filled his up and sat down, to take a sip.

Nate asked his trainer. “I’m still pretty thirsty.”

“It’s working just fine,” the trainer replied, with a grin. “Hydration after a workout is much different than everyday hydration.”

“Ok,” Nate responded, not really noticing what had changed when he took a sip. He had filled out his clothes, causing his biceps and thighs to bulge against the fabric. He had turned into a muscular jock-bro, and didn’t realize it. After he finished drinking his water, the personal trainer guided him back to working out, at a much more intense level. He was no longer afraid to take his shirt off in the gym itself, and even smiled at a hot guy who was putting away dumbbells the same time he was.

After his workout, he went to change, but found that most of his tight and fitted clothing was too big for his body now. He had seen a pile of clothes for members who were victims of pranks and the like. He found a respectable business-like get-up, and went back to his college dorm room. He noticed that they sprayed these clothes with some kind of pleasant flowery smell. He liked it, and noticed quite a few other people did as well.

What Nate didn’t know was that the spray warped the minds of individuals who got physically close enough to him. For those that knew him prior to today, they would think Nate had been working out for some time, and now looked like this. He never knew just how much the gym had changed him, but he did know that his expensive membership was all worth it in the end.
from Tumblr

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