Special Fan

“Don’t forget to like and subscribe, bitches! See you next week for the next video in the ‘Mitch Pranks Unsuspecting College Students!’ series!” The screen cut to black and started to autoplay the next video as this photo was seared into viewer’s minds.

For this video, he had invited a frat to his house with a pool, and told them they could hold a massive rager there. The only problem was that it wasn’t actually his house, and the hidden cameras he had set up caught the real owners aghast at what had happened, and the police arresting the members of the frat. Their bail was posted not long after the video went live, by one of the frat brothers’ real-life brother.

“Who’s the little shit that did this to you?” asked Val, the younger brother. He was a college sophomore, who was also a licensed hypnotist.

“It was MitchPranks on Youtube,” his brother replied, as they filled out some paperwork.

“Perfect,” Val said. He made a Youtube account later that day and found Mitch’s account. A new feature Youtube was beta-testing allowed content creators to message each other directly. Val did that, sending Mitch an idea for a possible prank. However, that message was also laced with hypnotic suggestions. When he got the end of the message, Mitch clicked on a link, which sent him to a page with a bright black and red spiral on it. Val loved his symbolism. A few minutes later, he received a text from an unknown number with this picture.

Val had hypnotized him into falling out of hypnosis as he snapped the nude selfie of himself. However, a quick call to that number and Mitch’s trigger word put him right back under again. Val then connected his brother to the call, who passed the phone to the frat’s leader.

“Listen here, you little shit. For spring break, the frat’s going down to Punta Cana. You’ll be coming with us, and you’ll pay for all our tickets. When we get there, you’ll whore yourself out to the locals and all the gay guys who want to fuck a YouTuber or just some relatively attractive guy. Of course, we’ll charge for it, but you won’t see a dime. We’ll also leave you down there, and Val will lift you out of hypnosis, only you’ll remember everything that happened this week. Understood?”

“Yes, I understand all of my commands,” replied Mitch, in a dreamy and lilting voice. The frat then ended their portion of the call, and Val got to work ensuring Mitch would be prepared for the trip.

Spring break rolled around, and that Monday, Mitch posted this selfie, on orders of Val, of course.

“I’m down in Punta Cana, bitches! Click this link to find out more!” Mitch had a sizable social media following as well, so there was a lot of traffic on the webpage that detailed how Mitch was going to be a slut in this vacation town for the whole week. The post spread like wildfire through gay Twitter and the like, and the members of the frat guarding his room today were excited at the sizable line starting to form.

The men were only allowed to each fuck Mitch or have him suck them off, to save time. Of course, you could hop back in line and pay for both, which quite a few people did. And the men did not hold back. Mitch was an anal virgin, and had never even stuck a finger up his ass before. However, he acted like his hole was gaping open during sex, as his hypnosis told him to. He also got very good at cock-sucking, a totally new experience to the straight white male. Many of the gay guys were amazed that Mitch was just able to suck away, and he was able to deep-throat some of the longest cocks by day two, which was a shock even to Val.

The Youtuber had been used and abused the past week by a number of total strangers. The frat counted up their money Saturday, and they made over $100,000 just by whoring out Mitch. However, today was going to be a special day for Mitch. There would be not paying clients today. The frat would get their revenge on the man that nearly got them kicked out of college. Val’s brother called him up, and he put under Mitch under an entirely new trance, turning him into an unwilling bottom slave. The frat then tied up the scared Youtuber and began to fuck him.

First up was the frat’s leader. Unlike in most frats, the leader was not elected. Instead, it was whoever had the largest cock size. The current leader’s cock topped off at a massive foot long, something the frat had never seen before, and Mitch had never felt before. He felt the pain this time as the frat leader’s cock pushed his way into his asshole, even bulging against his stomach wall when he was all the way in. He then pulled all the way and rammed himself all the way back in, causing Mitch to cry out in pain. The leader then bent forward and grabbed Mitch’s spiked blonde hair. He pulled it so he was looking straight ahead, only for a cock from another frat member to enter his mouth.

The frat guys then tag-teamed the Youtuber, always making sure there was a cock in his ass and his mouth at the same time. Mitch had started to cry, but that only added to the guys’ amusement. As an added punishment, the guys also deposited their cum in Mitch’s ass and throat, causing him to leak cum by the end of the day. The room reeked of sex and BO as well, but many of the guys found that to be a major turn-on, and some were even able to cum twice in poor Mitch. That night, they left him there in a bed of his sweat and cum as they went to the final party of the week, where they all slept with some hot girls.

The next day, Mitch woke up in a haze. He barely remembered last night. He then got a phone call from a number he had talked to recently. It was, of course, Val, bringing him out of hypnosis. The fog was lifted, but he wished it hadn’t. All the memories came flooding back to him, of how he was used and abused by tons of men this week. He then looked down and saw the soaked bedsheets and literal inches of caked-on cum. He knew someone had to pay, but that would be difficult. He had no phone and no wallet, and no clothes to boot. He looked in the drawers to find anything to wear. The only thing he found was a skimpy g-string, right next to some stationary with the frat’s letterhead.

“Those bitches are going to pay,” he said. He made his way to the beach, and after suffering through a ridiculous amount of cat-calls, found someone who both knew him, but not enough that they knew he had been a slut that week. He posted another selfie on his social media, wearing sunglasses that the frat allowed him to keep as well.

He explained his predicament, and directed fans to his PayPal account. However, he watched as a bunch of negative comments rolled in. Quite a few directed him to a Pornhub video. He clicked on it, and saw himself there, smiling as a massive black linebacker impaled his ass. The video had reached the news cycle as well, with a bunch of headlines flashing at the top of the fan’s phone as Mitch watched the video. His reputation was ruined as he handed the phone back to the fan.
from Tumblr http://bit.ly/2WVGNS9

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