Kenjie arrived at the photographer’s place of business. It was a quaint little joint at the back of the mall. He would have been scared to enter, but considering Vic got top billing on the sign outside, he wasn’t worried. He sat down in the waiting room and looked around. He found it a bit odd that the rest of the people were guys just like him. Most were fit Asians wearing loose and baggy clothing, so that Vic could change them into more attractive and sexy clothes.

A few men had gone in before it was time for Kenjie. He never realized that the men who entered never actually came out. He had assumed there was another door, but a quick look at the mall’s schematics on one of their directories showed otherwise. Kenjie walked in the white-walled room and saw Vic in-person for the first time.

“You must be Kenjie de Guzman. Pleasure to meet you.”

“You as well, sir.”

“So, you want a modeling portfolio at the reduced rate, is that correct?”

“Yeah, that’s why I came today.”

“Good. We’ll start off with some shirtless photos. Take your shirts and pants off and choose a pair from the pile here. Knock on this door once you’re done.” Vic then gesticulated to a door, which he promptly walked through. Kenjie then stripped and chose a nice pair of maroon-colored sweats. He knocked on the door, and Vic walked out, camera in hand.

“Love it!” he announced. He posed Kenjie for the first picture, and then began flashing away.

What Kenjie failed to realize was the flashes were going quicker than Vic’s ability to snap pictures. As he moved around the room, he continued to stare at the camera, falling more and more under Vic’s control. A few minutes later, Vic snapped his last pic and set the camera down.

“Who’s a good model boy for Master?”

“I am, sir!” Kenjie replied, oblivious to his fate.

“Good boy. Follow me.” Kenjie followed his new Master out the room using the same door Vic had walked through earlier. Kenjie hadn’t been able to see through it earlier, so he didn’t know that Vic had enslaved each aspiring model that entered his shop today. He led Kenjie to the next open room and told him to sit in the chair. He turned the TV on, and went back for his new client.

Kenjie watched as the TV played an endless loop of a spiral, further cementing Vic’s control over him. As the video explained, he would be a mindless puppet of Vic’s, under his every whim and desire. He would whore himself out for modeling gigs, and Vic would see the cash. Kenjie never thought his life would change this drastically from a photoshoot that only cost him $20.

Story requested by @uglybackstabber
from Tumblr

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