Mr. Steal Your Girl

Lionel was having the time of his life. Having turned eighteen recently, his whole life turned around for the better. He was made star quarterback of the football team, and he was acing all of his classes. He also had a smoking hot girlfriend, Natalie. The only problem was that Natalie actually wasn’t just Lionel’s girlfriend. She was also dating a college freshmen, Vance, who also played football, but was a linebacker. Nat was in college as well, and she hoped that the paths of the two would never cross, as both fucked her pretty damn well!

Her plan fell apart one weekend when she went out of town for a wedding. Friday night, Lionel posted a picture of a massive rager and tagged his girlfriend in it, captioning it, “I wish you were here with me, beau!” What he didn’t know was that one of Vance’s football buddies was also there, and happened to be scrolling through Instagram posts attached to this geolocation. He saw the picture, and the tag, and then went off to a quiet corner to call Vance.

“Hey, man, where’s Nat this weekend?”

“She’s at her sister’s wedding. No dates, very small affair. Why?”

“I think she’s two-timing you, dude. Check out the pic I sent you.” Vance opened up the DM and saw Lionel’s picture, and the tag for Natalie’s very distinct handle.

“That fucking bitch! Have you seen him at the party yet?”

“Yeah, he’s having the fuckin’ time of his life.”

“Good. I want him in Room 696 by the end of this week.”

“You got it.” The two then hung up. Vance made sure to log on to the college’s website and book that room. The college, quite progressive, blocked off a room on every floor for sex, so roommates could sleep and not have to worry about a late night booty call. Meanwhile, Lionel and Vance’s buddy hit it off, and they exchanged numbers. He said he would treat Lionel with a surprise at the end of the week. He said he needed time to get his fake ID ready, but he had his ulterior motives.

That Friday, Vance’s friend picked him up in his car after practice. He didn’t have time to change, as the afternoon bouncer was the one that let the fake IDs slide. He gave Lionel a sip of his beer for some liquid courage. However, the beer was also laced with an extremely potent knockout drug, and just a few seconds later, Lionel slumped down in the backseat. He arrived at the college, and he and Vance dragged Lionel’s heavy body up to the sixth floor. The friend then left as Vance got to work.

Lionel sluggishly woke up an hour or so later. Or so he thought. His eyes were open, but all he was seeing was darkness. He tried to scream, but found out something was in my mouth. He tried spitting it out, but it was no use. Then he heard someone talking.

Vance then grabbed a vibrator that Nat had kept in his dorm room and pushed it up against Lionel’s cock. He smiled as the high school senior moaned and writhed as his cock was being violated through layers of fabric. He continued to do so until Lionel was rock hard, and then pulled it away. He then turned Lionel on his side, and ripped his uniform pants open. They were the cheap practice ones, though, but Vance enjoyed the sounds of it tearing nonetheless. He then decided which dildo to penetrate this guy’s ass with.

He had got an assortment of them from his gay classmates. He picked a large one that was relatively smooth. He lubed it up, and then started to shove it into Lionel’s ass. Lionel moaned and thrashed about, but it was no use. Vance continued to shove the dildo up his ass, and it fucking hurt. Lionel had never been anally penetrated before, even by his own finger. Vance enjoyed watching the virgin asshole expand to sizes it never thought possible.

Once it was in to the balls, he began to fuck Lionel with it. It was much larger than his cock, or even Horse-cock Harold’s, so Lionel would get the most torture from this. Vance dared not pull out, as he didn’t know if Lionel could take another assault, and he only wanted to go so far. He continued fucking his unwilling slave with a dildo for another few minutes, and then finally pulled out. He didn’t rosebud, like some of his gay buddies had warned him about, but the dildo was covered in a whole bunch of his ass juices.

He unclipped Lionel’s ball gag, which he promptly spit out. However, it was quickly replaced by the dildo. Of course, Lionel could barely fit the whole thing in his mouth, but Vance just wanted him to taste the ass juices. The sheer size of it meant he had to. He then let it drop to the ground as he got ready for the next portion of Lionel’s torture.

“Who the fuck are you and what the fuck are you doing to me?”

“Does the name Natalie Figaroua mean anything to you?”

Lionel was going to respond, but then he felt a dick go into his mouth. He tried to push it out with his tongue, but it was no use. This dude also had his hands on the back of his head, and Lionel’s own hands were all tied up. Vance forced Lionel to suck him off. It was a bit painful, as Lionel had learned to use his teeth early on, but that pain was a small price to pay for what would come later.

As a result, he pulled out of Lionel’s mouth fairly quickly. Lionel started to scream again, so the ball gag went back in, as he slipped a condom onto his dick. He lubed it up, and then inserted it into Lionel’s ass, already loose from the dildo. Vance didn’t think it was going to be this easy, as his cock slid right in up to his balls. Lionel was moaning and crying out that his ass was being violated, but Vance didn’t care. Lionel’s ass then closed around his dick, and he began to fuck him for real.

Vance had never fucked a man’s ass before, but it was surprisingly like a pussy. He loved pulling his dick out and slapping a girl’s vagina. The ass was a bit boring, but it was apparently a lot more sensitive, as Lionel yelped in pain every time he did that. Vance continued plowing the high school senior until he was ready to cum. He had been conflicted on whether to cum on the dude’s face or in his ass, but he decided on Lionel’s ass. Lionel screamed in fear as he felt Vance’s cum being deposited in his ass. Vance then pulled out and quickly made his way over to Lionel’s mouth. He forced him to suck him clean.

Soon after, he untied the top most piece of Lionel’s torture, allowing his body to move again. However, Vance quickly turned him upside down, so that he was laying on his stomach with his ass and mouth exposed. He then attached that to a hook from the ceiling, and sent out a text blast. “Free guy pussy and mouth in Hawkins 696. Revenge for being with my girl. Gays, straights, y’all welcome!” Vance waited for the first group of guys, who arrived at the room shirtless, and commando too. Lionel would never fuck with his girl again after this.
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