Hypno Hat

Nicky loved triggers that were a bit out there, or not used a lot. One of his favorites was the cap back method, in which he turned a guy’s hat around, and turned him into his mindless sex slut. He had most recently done this with his good friend, Mark. The two worked out at the same gym, in the gay part of town. Their gym uniforms were a bit more risqué, but not totally bizarre. Anyways, Nicky approached Mark after a grueling workout one day.

“You know how I dabble in hypnosis a little, right?”

“Yeah, man. I heard there’s a course at the local community college.”

“Right. And I need a subject. I promise you we won’t do any weird shit. Just basic control stuff.”

“Fine. But just this once.”

“Deal.” Nicky was excited. He had always wanted to hypnotize Mark, and do something else with him. Nicky’s college course was actually Erotic Hypnosis, and their “teacher” had hypnotized the dean into giving them actual classroom space. Mark didn’t need to know this, and so he showed up excited to help his best friend out.

The teacher then explained to the budding hypnotists what they would be doing today. “Today we are working on vocal hypnosis with an added trigger. After the initial hypnotic session, you can bring your client or SO under your control without even speaking.” Mark was a bit scared, but he knew that Nicky would never abuse the trigger, and he could easily take it away. He fell under Nicky’s control easily, and once everyone was under, the instructor spoke up again, this time with a devilish grin on his face.

“I hope you brought the person you want to fuck today. Do your vocal hypnosis script, but add what I’ve written on the blackboard to the end. Of course, make it personal.”

“Mark, you will desire me whenever I mention your trigger, ‘Kwanzaa’. You will want to fuck me and suck me off, and you will be under my complete control. You will also be my slave if your cap gets turned backwards. You will still be my slave, though, if someone else does it. Wake up.” Mark blinked a few times, and he and Nicky chatted about the session. He didn’t remember anything at all, which was what Nicky wanted.

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