Andrew was quite excited as he poured over the list of names who had made it on the varsity lacrosse team this semester. There he was, on second string! He had been training ever since he was seven to make the varsity lacrosse team, and now his dreams were finally coming true! However, their practices were a bit different than what he was used to. It began with a two mile run around the field, followed by a bevy of drills and going over basic information. Once the formal practice was over, the captains told all the guys to stay behind.

“As you know, hazing is technically illegal. However, we are quite careful to respond boundaries, to an extent, and so we want to see all you newbies at my house Friday evening. If you don’t, then say good-bye to even playing in a game.” The captain who spoke was Joshua Hollingscourt, one of the richest and preppiest kids at their school. While his dad was a major benefactor for the team, he could still play lacrosse pretty damn well!

The rest of the week was equally torturous at practice. Andrew had to get used to running at least two miles every day, and practically ran a half marathon daily after they had finished all the drills. What kept him going during the week was the hazing he was going to be subject to. He hadn’t told anyone on his team yet that he was gay. And there were quite a few newbies that were insanely fucking hot, and he would love to see them in their underwear, or better yet, naked!

That Friday, Andrew arrived at Joshua’s house at about ten in the evening. He had given them enough time to shower and eat before coming here, showing his more benevolent side. However, that pretense was quickly dropped when Andrew was forced to strip down to his underwear in the foyer. He was wearing an Andrew Christian brief that showed off his sizable package, but as he walked into the living room, he saw that his fellow teammates mostly had on boxers or boxer briefs. A couple more of his teammates arrived, and then Joshua and his fellow captains went to change.

They then stood in front of the newbies in monk-like robes, that partially obscured their faces. However, it was clear who was who. “Welcome, men, to the varsity level of lacrosse. As you might have experienced this week, the game at this level is no cakewalk. If you can survive tonight, then you will be ready for the rest of the season. Michael!” he announced. One of his fellow captains then gave each of the hazees a form that listed what would be done to them today. A small section at the beginning was something that everyone needed to do, but after that, you were free to chose which ones you wanted. A big message at the top explained the more you chose, the more the captains would like you.

Andrew naturally checked all of the boxes, until the very end, when it got into coprophilia and some really fucked-up shit. He assumed the captains didn’t want to do that either, so he felt comfortable that he had chosen the most. Michael then collected all the sheets up, and the third captain, Bruce, went to input the results into a spreadsheet. While Bruce did that, the newbies were forced to go on their hands and knees, in a bridge position. They all knew what would be coming next, as Michael and Joshua brought down two paddles from the wall. Each guy got twenty smacks, but they weren’t all at once. Instead, Michael and Joshua went down the row, slapping an ass, and then moving on. When that was done, the newbies were forced to stand up.

Michael and Josh then surveyed the bulges. Most were still flaccid, a couple had chuffed up a little bit, but Andrew’s appropriately named underwear was straining from the massive boner that it now contained. “I think someone likes this a bit too much, right, Mikey?”

“Yeah, Josh, I think we have ourselves our very own team slut!”

“Andrew, right? Come with me. Everyone else, Michael has your next punishment ready.” Josh led Andrew down the hallway, past Bruce at the computer and into another room, one with a large bed. He assumed this was the master bedroom. “Change into the clothes on the bed.”

“Yes, sir,” Andrew replied. That was one of the things everyone needed to do, call the captains Sir. Andrew then changed into a slightly more slutty lacrosse uniform. “What do I do now, sir?” Josh had been bent over, looking under the bed. He came up with a jockstrap cup, oddly with straps around it, but not from the actual jockstrap itself. Josh then attached it over Andrew’s nose, and turned a lever on the side of the strap that forced it to be stuck on Andrew’s face.

“What!?” Andrew then muttered, words muffled by the jock on his face. This was turning him on, but as he continued to breathe in the scent of the cup, something was changing inside of him. He felt more submissive, like he wanted someone else to be in control. He also felt himself becoming dumber as well. He was a straight-A student, but now, he could barely remember how to spell lacrosse, let alone do complex math or write essays. And finally, he felt himself becoming much more horny than ever before. Already having grabbed his crotch earlier, he began to jerk off in front of Joshua brazenly, not caring that he was trying to hide his sexuality for the time being.

“Fuck, it actually worked!” said Joshua, staring at the jock in front of him who couldn’t even remember his own name by now. His eyes had taken to staring at Josh’s well-developed chest, partially exposed by the monk robes. “The Scent of the Lacrosse God actually fucking worked!” He sent a quick email blast to Coach, explaining that the subject this year finally took, and then went off to tell his co-captains. He gathered everyone in the living room, even Andrew, who looked like he was heaven from all the nude bodies in the room at the moment.

“As Michael playfully mentioned earlier, Andrew here is most likely gay. However, he was also the first guy in ages to fall under control of the Lacrosse Gods. He is going to be our team slut. He won’t play in any games or anything, but whenever you need a hole to fuck or a mouth to suck your cock, he’s your guy. And if the tomes are correct, he’ll do anything you ask, within legal limits.”

“Sweet!” said Lucian. A out and proud bisexual, he had been eyeing Andrew all week as well, and wanted a taste of him. “May I, sir?” he asked.

“Yeah. Anyone who wants Andy can stay. The rest of you are free to leave.” Lucian, of course, stayed, and a few other guys did. However, the rest of them left. Lucian then motioned for Andrew to crawl over to him. He did so, and then got on his knees and began to suck off Lucian. It was clear that whatever mind control or magic he was under, it turned him into an excellent cocksucker, with Andrew’s natural skills at it already only an added bonus. Lucian moaned and groaned as Andrew skillfully licked his cock, getting into his piss slit as well. He fondled his balls, and even made a sucking noise, like a lollipop, with Lucian’s cockhead, which almost caused one of the other guys to nut without even touching his cock.

Lucian quickly got lost in the heavenly sensations, and was rudely brought back when he began convulsing from cumming. Surprisingly, Andrew caught quite a lot of it on his face, and then Lucian fed him the rest. Andrew had quite a bit of fun the rest of the night. Coach had worked with the school to allow Andrew to stay, but transferred him into the lowest level courses. His parents were informed of the change as well, but since they had already disowned him for being gay, that was a non-issue. And the rest of the season went very well. Thanks to the on-team outlet for sexual frustration, the lacrosse team made it all the way to the national championship that year. They won, and in a surprising turn of events, the team’s MVP, which they voted for, was a player who had barely even touched the field all year, if at all.
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