The Deal of a Lifetime: Part 1

It was Sunday morning at Star Labs, and Barry had just sped into the building on his day off.

“What is it, Cisco? What was so important that you called me in today?”

“I found this weird trinket dropped outside of the front door when I walked inside today. I think it’s some kind of pocket watch or something.”

“Have you tried opening it yet?” asked Barry. As smart as Cisco was, he sometimes lacked common sense.

“No,” Cisco replied, turning away from his friend. He opened up the watch using the clasp, and was in for a surprise. Instead of a clock face, there was a bright rainbow spiral.

Cisco dropped the watch and it clattered to the ground. Barry went over to see what was wrong, and he too fell under the watch’s control. The two then started to speak in unison.

“We are under the control of @ghostinthedude. He is our master, and also our boyfriend. We will listen and obey him. We are slaves to our master.”

Ghost then got an alert on his phone. The watch had been activated, and the two superheroes were under his control. He then spoke to them, through a mechanism in the watch.

“Cisco, I want you to set-up a webcam and give me the link to it. Then, once you are on camera, I want you to flirt and have sex with Barry, while I come to see my slaves in person.”

“Yes, Master.” Cisco got that ready, and then after informing their new master, switched into their acting personas.

“You know, Bar, it’s just the two of here today. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“That we can vibe without Caitlin or Harry belittling us?”

“No, you fucking dipshit! We can fuck in the labs! I know that’s always been a secret fantasy of yours.”

“It has,” replied Barry, as he supersped and planted a juicy kiss on Cisco’s lips. As the two passionately made out, they began to strip each other, slowly and sensually. Cisco traced the lean but muscular body of the Flash, while Barry played with Cisco’s sensitive nipples. Then came the pants. Cisco had seen Barry nude plenty of times before, as finding the right balance between his dick flying off or becoming atrophied was difficult at first. However, the opposite was not true, and Barry saw for the first time why the bumbling scientist was able to bag so many people.

He had a massive dick, bigger than his own, and it flopped around, reaching past his balls.

“You like?” asked Cisco, flirtatiously, as Barry stared agape at his friend’s dick. He was able to nod as the two of them got their socks and shoes off, and kissed for the last time. Cisco then traced the lines of Barry’s muscles again, but this time taking his body with him, kneeling in front of Barry’s cock at the end of it. Despite his massive pecker, Barry wasn’t that far behind, and Cisco enjoyed the taste of it as it entered his mouth for the first time.

Barry thought the experience was heavenly, as Cisco’s lips brushed against his head and down his shaft. However, as always, he had to put a lot of mental effort into slowing down the muscles in his cock as well, lest he make a hole in Cisco’s throat. Cisco’s skills at sucking a guy off was making it quite difficult, and Barry, befitting the moniker of the Flash, pushed Cisco’s face away and squirted across the lab after only a couple minutes of Cisco sucking him off, causing a dent in one of the monitors his cum had hit.

“Sorry,” he breathily whispered to Cisco, as the rest of the cum started to leak from his cock. Cisco ate that up, knowing that it would not kill him, and then stood up, as the two superheroes traded places. Barry once again had to force himself to slow down, but Cisco did like how fast he was going. Even the best cocksuckers went slow and sensually, like he did, so it was a pleasant shift to have such a hot experience with a guy who could probably yank his dick off. Cisco was much better at self-edging, though, and even though he wanted to cum on Barry’s beautiful face a bunch of times, he held himself back until he was ready. Barry, using his superspeed, made sure all of Cisco’s cum landed on his face. The two spent a couple minutes feeding Barry Cisco’s cum.

Meanwhile, Ghost was enjoying the scene that was playing out before him. Cisco’s wide-angle webcam was catching everything, with crystal clear quality as well. He was being driven there, but the driver didn’t seem to care that he was loudly watching porn in the backseat. That was because Ghost had powers over three ghosts. His favorite, Fatso, was currently inhabiting the driver, who was cute in his own way. However, having two superheroes under his control was much hotter than some random twink.

Back at Star Labs, the two men had cleared off a conference table, and Cisco had rifled through some cabinets to find what he was looking for.

“Super-Condoms,” he said, with a devilish grin on his face. “That means you can fuck me at superspeed, and I won’t bleed to death! It will also catch your cumshot as well!”

“Sweet!” replied Barry, who had the much more menial task of finding lube. As he had a much faster refractory period, he was going to fuck first, and slipped on the special condom and some lube. He then positioned his cock right in front of Cisco’s hole, and gently pushed his way inside. Cisco’s ass was the right amount of tight, letting his cock enter without a struggle, but gently squeezing around it. Then it was time for some fun, as Barry began fucking Cisco at superspeed.

“FUCK!” Cisco screamed out, as he felt his ass being ravaged by Barry’s cock in his ass going faster than a speeding bullet. As Cisco’s ass was being pounded, he then realized he forgot a crucial part about ass-fucking: the skin-to-skin contact. Barry watched as Cisco’s ass cheeks started to turn bright red from the vicious assault Barry was inflicting on him. Thankfully, as Barry was still human, his second cumshot was even quicker than his first, despite the superspeeding. As he pulled out, he found that Cisco’s Super-Condom had actually worked. The two shared his cum from the used condom, and then the two switched positions for the second time that day.

Cisco slipped on a regular condom and lubed up his cock. He then inserted his dick into Barry’s hole, which was much tighter than his. However, Cisco always loved a challenge, and treasured hearing Barry moan as he got in far enough for his cock to just slide in to the balls. Then the real fun began as Cisco began fucking his friend. He was also a vocal fucker as well, and Star Labs was filled with the sounds of two people having sex early on a Sunday morning. By this time, the two men were quite sweaty and reeked of sweat and sex. Cisco, having encountered this many times before, found it to be a natural turn-on, and Barry moaned even louder as Cisco picked up intensity.

As much as he would have loved to continue, he knew he could only edge himself so much, and so pulled out and ripped off the condom, as he came all over Barry’s back. For the first time, cum was not consumed, but both men had a good laugh as Barry shook it off, covering the main lab in a thin layer of Cisco’s cum. As their command was now completed, they waited patiently for Ghost to arrive. He did so a few minutes later, examining the scene. The room smelled like sex, and Barry and Cisco had a sheen of sweat of them. Their clothes were bunched up in a pile, and he stepped in what he assumed was cum. He found his watch and then locked arms with the two superheroes.

“Now it’s my turn to have fun with you two,” he said, as the three walked out of Star Labs together.

@ghostinthedude will be writing the next part of the story. Follow him if you want to keep reading!
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