Memories of a Past Life

Mitch, from this story, fumed at the recent email he got from the American Embassy. His paperwork was being pushed back even farther in the queue, and he would be forced to remain in Punta Cana for even longer. Meanwhile, up a couple thousand miles was Preston Blaine Arsement, one of Mitch’s old friends.

They had been in a Youtube group back in the day called The Pack. It was when Mitch started pressing the group into doing dares like the one that got him into this current predicament that he separated himself from the group. Mitch had been good about keeping it out of the mainstream news, but Preston stumbled across an article translated from the local newspaper down there. It detailed exactly what had happened to Mitch, and the article itself ended in an interesting tidbit.

“In a fittingly ironic turn of events, Mitch is now whoring himself out for money, while not under hypnosis this time. No business down here wanted to employ such a prolific sodomite. Please contact this number for details.”

Preston did so, and set up an encounter with his old friend for a few days from now. He still had his own Youtube channel, so he informed his fans that he would be vacationing in Punta Cana for a bit, and would totally be off the grid.

He arrived in Punta Cana still in his “Preston Youtube” persona, in case any fans followed him down here. They did not, and he was excited to enjoy the couple days he had to himself down here before he was going to dominate the man who had ultimately led to the demise of their group. He enjoyed getting a tan and looking at all the hot people on the beach. He went in the water as well, and even joined in a game of chicken, going on some stranger’s shoulders.

A couple days had passed, and this was the day that Preston was going to have sex with Mitch. He changed into a more suitable getup for the day, and snapped a picture, for his personal records.

While not a muscle hunk by any means, Preston was not a skinny twink. However, his true self still shown through, as his attempt at a tough face was laughable. He made his way to the hotel where Mitch had set up shop, and discretely made his way to the room. To his surprise, the hallway outside the room was a small waiting area, and a few seconds after a much older gentleman left the room, Preston walked inside to greet Mitch for the first time in ages.

“Let’s see. Preston, you paid for the deluxe package. What would…. Shit.” Mitch had finally looked up and realized that his client for the next two hours was none other than his old friend, Preston.

“Crawl over to me, you fucking bitch. NOW!” Preston barked, as Mitch stared at him in shock. He immediately got to his hands and knees and crawled over to his old friend. “Strip me,” Preston then commanded. He enjoyed watching Mitch taking off all of his clothes, revealing a slightly above average cock at the end of it. “Suck it.” Mitch then put the cock in his mouth and began to suck. While the cock-sucking skills had transferred post-hypnosis, his desire to do so had decreased dramatically. Preston cherished watching Mitch’s face expose how he was truly feeling about degrading himself like this, without any additional domination on his end.

Preston had gotten his dick sucked many times before, but few of these instances were as good as Mitch. While Mitch was never a homophobe, he always shied away from naked pranks the group did, and only changed with the guys when there was no other option. So, it came as a shock to the bisexual Preston that Mitch would be that good. He played around with his balls as well, and even got his tongue in Preston’s piss slit, an erogenous zone he didn’t even know he had.

He came after a few minutes of getting his dick sucked, but to Mitch’s surprise, Preston didn’t pull out. He had been forced to swallow cum quite a few times, but Preston’s cumshot was one of the largest yet. Globules of cum were shot down his throat, and he was forced to swallow them all up. When Preston finally pulled out, Mitch expected to be ordered to clean his cock. Instead, Preston slapped his face with his flaccid cock, causing the residual cum to splatter all over the face. “Bitch, you deserve this,” Preston explained.

“Now hop on the bed and expose your pussy like the little whore you are.” Mitch actually frowned as he was forced to do what his client asked of him. Most were looking for a cheap fuck, and none had verbally dominated him before. Preston hopped up there too and slipped on the condom and lubed up. He positioned his cock in front of Mitch’s hole, and then with a large thrust, made it balls-deep on the first try.

“FUCK!” Mitch screamed. He was even more shocked when Preston grabbed his hair and growled in his ear. “Do bitches like you talk when they’re getting whored out like the worthless pieces of shit they are? Of course the fuck not. So if I hear another word out of your fucking dirty mouth again, you don’t want to know what will happen.” Mitch whimpered as Preston let go and returned to fucking him intensely. He had found Mitch’s prostrate without much trial and error, and continually hit it, as Mitch tried his hardest not to cry out.

However, despite his best efforts, he failed his client’s orders when he came after a particularly intense thrust that rammed against his prostrate, moaning out loud in carnal pleasure. Preston then pulled out and moved his face closer to Mitch’s. “Did I say you could fucking cum, you dirty fucking whore? A worthless piece of shit pussy like you should just be a hole for real men to fuck. I want you to lie in your filth as I cover you in real men’s seed.” Preston forced Mitch to lie down, on his back, in his cum, as he whipped off his condom and began jerking off. It took a few more seconds to cum than he would have liked, but Mitch was once again covered in Preston’s cum, all over his chest and face.

Enough of it had congealed on his chest for Preston to write out a three letter word with the cum. F-A-G was emblazoned on Mitch’s chest, and he was forced to lie down and let it dry out, so that the rest of his clients would see who he really was. Preston then got dressed and left, and informed the next client to wait a bit, explaining what he had done. As he walked back to his hotel room, he thought about the cathartic experience he just had. He snapped another selfie as he walked through the hotel’s rec room, and thought about what platform would be best to explain what had happened down here in Punta Cana.

Pictures and prompt provided by @texanstrong
from Tumblr

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