The Deal of a Lifetime: Part 5

Mon-El and Thor obeyed their new master, and they led the way to a meeting room, where Steve Rogers was briefing on the team about Mon-El. Thor gesticulated to him, and he wrapped up the meeting. As the rest of the Avengers went one way, Captain America walked over to the two superheroes under Stinky’s control. Their eyes flashed a rainbow spiral color.

“Hi there. You must be Mon-El! I’ve fought with Superman and Supergirl a few times now. I also hear you’re from the future! Tell me about that.”

Mon-El and Steve chatted as Thor led the way, with Cap unwittingly falling into Stinky’s devious trap. They arrived at a bedroom, and the three walked inside. By the time Steve had realized where they had ended up, Thor had locked the door.

“What’s going on here?” he asked. He got his answer when some of Stinky flowed out of the superheroes’ mouths. Cap tried to cover his holes, but Stinky was able to get in using any hole, like the asshole, and only a few seconds later did Steve’s eyes flash the same color as the other two men’s did just a few minutes ago.

“What to do with this hunk?” Stinky said out loud, his voice coming out of Captain America. “Well, d’oh! An orgy!” he said. The three superheroes stripped down and revealed their bare bodies to each other. They then went in for a three-way kiss, a sloppy one which Stinky enjoyed. He then decided Steve here would be the top, and he pushed down the superheroes he had originally ensnared and opened their mouths wide. Steve stuck his cock into Thor’s mouth first, which closed around it as Thor moved farther down the cock. He tasted Steve’s slightly tangy cock and Stinky’s aroma, which permeated from all parts of his victim’s body. Thor felt it tickle his throat as he was able to deep-throat it all the way to the balls.

Steve then switched mouths and started to face-fuck Mon-El. Thor still played a role here, fondling Steve’s balls and squeezing them to create pleasurable pain for the superhero. While Mon-El could not deep-throat this superhero cock, he was an expert at using his tongue, and Steve’s cock was lathered in spit by the time he pulled out. Thor then licked it right off and replaced it with his own as he focused on the shaft this time, with Mon-El on the balls. The back and forth continued for a bit until Steve was ready to cum.

He did a final jerk-off and then exploded, covering Thor and Mon-El’s face in wads of his thick cum. He alternated faces, making sure each one had more than enough sperm on it. The two then took turns before sucking him clean. Mon-El did most of that, while Thor did one final deep-throat to get off all the cum that had leaked down the shaft. The next part, the fucking, was the most difficult. Stinky would have loved to whore out both superheroes at the same time, but Steve was only human, and had one dick.

He opted to go Steve, then Thor, and finally Mon-El. After all, he was inhabiting all three of them! The three of them got on the bed, and Thor inserted his cock into Mon-El’s hole first. They didn’t need condoms, but Stinky also didn’t use lube. He allowed Mon-El himself to scream out in pain before taking him over again. Thor did the same, but Stinky noticed that the Asgardian’s ass was much looser than the Daxamite’s. “It must be a cultural thing,” he thought to himself, as the three superheroes got into a rhythm.

Mon-El naturally endured the bulk of the two muscular men on top of him, and he was consistently shaking as Thor thrusted into him, followed by another aftershock by Steve. Stinky of course knew where the two superheroes who were being fucked had their prostrates located, and he made sure to hit them often, Mon-El more so. That pleasurable pain meant Mon-El came first, covering the bedsheets in his cum. Stinky, the slob that he is, decided the superheroes would eat it, and each of them took turns licking cum off of Mon-El’s finger.

Not long after Mon-El had cum, Thor was ready to cum too. Since he was in the middle of this fuck sandwich, he had no choice but to deposit his cum in Mon-El’s hole. Stinky once again allowed the actual superhero to come to the surface as cum invaded his ass for the first time. When Thor was done cumming, Mon-El pulled away and then positioned his ass closer to Thor’s mouth. The Asgardian then ate the Daxamite’s ass out, including his sperm that was leaking out. Mon-El reciprocated the favor by cleaning Thor’s cock as well.

Finally, it was time for Steve to cum again. He could have pulled out, but Stinky enjoyed forcing Thor to eat out a fellow superhero, so Steve came in Thor’s ass. Despite his massive cumshot earlier that day, Steve still deposited a boatload of thick and viscous cum in Thor’s ass. It was Mon-El’s turn to eat out the ass, and Steve hopped around to the front of Thor, where he got his cock cleaned by the man he had just fucked. Once the cleaning was over, the three superheroes collapsed onto the bed, in a pile of sweat and sex. Stinky made their eyes flash his new signature spiral one last time before he decided on his next step.

At this time, Stinky decided to leave both Thor and Mon-El. After all, they were only pawns in his real endgame: Captain America. His essence left the two superheroes and flew into Steve, cementing America’s darling superhero as his conquest. He let a huge fart rip as Steve smiled to himself besides the two unconscious superheroes.

Part 6 will be written by @slavesofthedude, an offshoot of the wonderful @ghostinthedude
from Tumblr

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