Racial Superiority

Simon had seen a shift in his best friend, JJ, over the past few weeks. It had been little things at first, like not liking this photo of Simon.

JJ was a stickler for photo creds, so it seemed bizarre that he never liked it. Simon had noticed more drastic things, though. JJ was hanging out with his black friends more often, and often disregarding Simon entirely. He knew something was up when Simon pushed an old white man out of his way, on purpose. Simon called him out, but JJ retorted back, “He’s a fucking white inferior, like you.”

Simon was shocked. JJ had never expressed these tendencies before, and actually hated people who did so. He texted his so-called best friend later that night, hoping they can talk and work out this out. Instead, JJ sent this picture.

“Fucking white boys. Literally,” was the caption, but Simon was much more enamored with the bulge on display. JJ knew his fellow Youtuber and best friend had a crush on him, but he was normally never this brazen. Simon also felt a bit weird as well. He was getting turned on by this, but not just because of the bulge. He wanted to be dominated, but chalked it up to watching too much race play porn.

The next morning, Simon woke up with some morning wood. He immediately thought of JJ, of course, but of the black god grabbing his tufts of brown hair and yanking on him as he was forced to suck his cock. Simon came quickly, but was shocked by the imagery. He normally wasn’t into that kind of stuff, but even thinking about it caused him to chub up again. The two were due to make a video today, which would hopefully help to alleviate some of Simon’s mixed feelings.

Meanwhile, JJ was getting ready at his place. Simon would be not be expecting this at all, but by tonight, he would be wrapped around this black stud’s pinky finger. A few minutes later, Simon arrived and entered through the front door.

“Hullo!” he announced, making his way to his best friend’s living room. Both young adults were British, but the scream that Simon let out didn’t differentiate between accents. JJ was standing in the middle of his living room stark naked, and with a hard-on to boot! It also appeared that JJ was quite the grower, as his erect cock was quite long, reaching past his bellybutton.

“Strip for me, white boy,” JJ commanded. Normally, Simon would have ran away as fast as he could, but he couldn’t pass up this opportunity. And besides, they were best friends! They’ve seen each other naked before! However, as Simon soon learned, something was going on, as his own cock seemed smaller than usual. “Crawl over to me, and lick my feet.”

“Yes, Master.” Simon was a bit shocked that he called JJ master, but he had done it before in some videos. It must have been a Freudian slip. He did crawl over to the black man, however, and begin to lick his feet and suck on his toes. He never realized how pleasurable this would be for his Master, as JJ let out some quiet moans. He too was shocked when his new friends told him to start with this, never imagining feet as erotic. However, once they were sufficiently clean, he wiped Simon’s spit all over his face before commanding his slave to his knees.

Simon was now going to suck his master off for the first time. What he didn’t realize was that JJ’s cock had gotten even larger, now reaching the top of his last pair of abs. His own dick had gotten smaller, and even though it was totally erect, it barely went past his pubic hair. Simon was excited to finally have sex with JJ, although he was his Master, so he couldn’t show too much excitement. He did notice that something else had changed in his body, though. As he swallowed up the entirety of JJ’s massive dong, it seemed as though his gag reflex went away. JJ himself smiled as Simon’s lips reached the skin around the base of his cock. He could see the outline of his mega cock in Simon’s throat.

The black master then face-fucked his slave, not caring that his penis was curving a bit unnaturally. As Simon licked away at his cock, trying to heighten the sensations for his Master, he hardened back to what the Elders had told him: “Black cocks are much more resilient than those pussies white men call penises. They can bend and twist and pop back easily. White men can break theirs, easily!” Simon was thinking about that too, but was so lost in the ecstasy of having JJ’s cock rammed down his throat that the thought only passed by.

He was soon ready to cum, and pulled out a little bit, so that his dong was at a suitable location. He couldn’t have his new slave choke to death. JJ cried out in carnal pleasure as he ejaculated, feeling the entire length of his dick throb as his seed was deposited into his slave for the first time. Slave Simon swallowed it greedily, his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down faster than his heartbeat. And JJ had a lot of seed to get out. A full minute later, Slave Simon was licking the last drops from JJ’s pisshole.

A few seconds later, without warning, JJ started to piss, a normal reaction to an ejaculation. However, what was not normal was Slave Simon quickly getting into position to drink his Master’s piss. Very few drops fell to the floor as Slave was turned into a urinal as well. Master JJ smiled as he went to grab a box that he had taken from the Order. In it were chastity cages, very small ones as well. JJ wasn’t sure if they would fit, but he soon found out that his ex-best friend’s cock barely stuck out from the body at all, even less so when flaccid.

As he waited for his refractory period to finish, he had Slave sniff his underarms. “This is what a Real Man smells like. You white men wear too much cologne and deodorant. You’re more like women in that regard.” Slave, however, was in heaven! He was breathing in a real man’s scent for the first time, and it was aromatic. He didn’t want it to stop, but he was cruelly pulled away and forced on his knees again. Master JJ then sat on his face. He expected to eat him out, but instead JJ farted in his face. It was a long and stinky one, too.

“White slaves like you will be forced to breathe in my farts. And I felt your tongue getting ready too. Your tongue will clean out my asshole every day, possibly more than once.” Despite the obtuse remark, Slave knew exactly what Master meant. JJ then felt a little tingling in his dick, and felt it getting hard again. “On your hands and knees,” he ordered. He would have loved to ream out his new Slave raw, but white boys had too many STDs, and Slave wasn’t tested. Condoms and lube would be have to be applied. Slave would get punished for that.

Master JJ slipped on a Magnum XXXL and lubed the entirety of his cock up. It reached all the way to his top pair of abs now, an obscene length for a Real Man, even. He would have to tell the Elders about this. That would wait, as he inserted his monster dong into Slave’s ass. He could tell that Slave was a bottom before he realized that he was just a hole for Real Men, as his cock slid right in. Of course, the obnoxious length meant not all of it fit, and Slave uttered a scream as he was trying to get all of it inside the asshole. The Elders had warned him that a cock, even a Real Man’s one, shouldn’t go past this point.

He did have a few more inches to go, so he deigned himself to that fact, and finally began fucking Slave. It was a bit weird not trying to hit the prostrate as he fucked a man, but his Real Man’s cock’s girth was wide enough that the prostrate was being pressed at most times. Master JJ was able to watch as a small trickle of cum made its way from Slave’s cock. His balls were practically non-existent, and Master JJ hoped they would be soon gone anyways.

He focused on showing Slave who the real man was, and didn’t really care that he had cummed without permission. That would soon never happen. Master JJ was ready to cum again soon after thinking about Slave’s pitiful balls, and pulled out completely for the first time. He whipped the condom off and reinserted his cock so just the head was inside. He stroked his dick some more, and Slave now had a deposit of his Master’s cum in his ass as well. Master JJ’s cum was still as thick and creamy as it was when it went in the other end. As he pulled out, large droplets of cum fell on the floor. Slave acted like a dog chasing his tail trying to clean it all up.

Once he finally did, the dog metaphor extended into real life as he locked Slave in his cage for the night. The Elders had told him the process was normally quick, but that the first few nights was when they needed to be locked up. Master JJ then glanced at the letter that had changed his life.


We have received some tests from a local hospital which indicate that you have the BLK-DOM gene. Only a select few of our black ancestors have it and are able to pass it on. Please visit us at this address to learn more about becoming a Real Man and dominating these white beings that also call themselves men.


The Elders”

As he finished reading it again, he got a text. His old friend Lachlan wanted to meet up. That white boy would never knew what hit him.
from Tumblr http://bit.ly/2WRW6f3

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