Racial Superiority III

See yesterday’s post for backstory

JJ cackled as he brought up a picture of Harry on his phone. “This white bitch will be perfect,” he thought, as he looked at Harry’s toned arms. Harry would be coming over tomorrow to meet up and catch up with his friend. Little did he know that he would become enslaved to a Real Man. JJ currently had both Slaves sucking on his toes. He had decided overnight to rename them, as these inferior white men didn’t deserve real names. Simon was now Slave One, while Lachlan was now Slave Two.

Harry was a prolific Tweeter, and attached this selfie to a Tweet about visiting JJ today. He arrived at his friend’s house an hour or so later. Once again, JJ embraced a friend for long enough that his Real Man pheromones worked their magic. They then sat down in the living room and talked, much like with Lachlan. However, their talk took a much more sexual spin, which JJ enjoyed. While Harry was straight, this morning, he dropped a bombshell that even the gay JJ couldn’t help to love.

“I’ve only ever had sex with one girl my entire life.”

“You, the guy who brings home a girl from the bar nightly?”

“Yeah, I don’t know why girls don’t want to fuck me.”

JJ wasn’t sure if his power was working yet, but it would never hurt to try. “I think I know why. No one wants to fuck an inferior white faggot like yourself.”

“Excuse me?” said Harry. But the more he thought about it, the more it made sense. “Yeah, that might be right, JJ.”

“I know. Men like you should only have sex with Real Men, and they should always be the bottom.”

“That does make a lot of sense.”

“Good. Now I want you to strip completely naked and suck on my dick, you whitie.”

“Okay,” responded Harry, having fallen under JJ’s control. He stripped to reveal a nice toned body, the best-looking out of JJ’s three slaves so far. He awkwardly knelt-walked over to JJ and placed the humongous dick in his mouth. Thanks to the fact he had just told JJ, the Real Man wasn’t expecting him to be as great as Slave Two, especially since that one had prior gay experience. However, the Real Man magic worked its, well, magic, and Harry sucked on the man’s dick like it was a lollipop.

Master JJ was quite excited when after a few thrusts, he felt his dick go down even farther, Harry having gotten rid of his gag reflex. He watched as his massive dong went further down the white boy’s throat, and Slave Harry was enjoying it immensely. While he sucked away and slobbered over the cock, Master JJ was watching the other cock, slowly getting smaller. What was interesting was Slave Harry was the first not to get erect from the initial act of sex. Of course, Harry would be turned into a gay slut for black men, but it was cool, from Master JJ’s POV, seeing the flaccid cock get even smaller. Slave Harry didn’t have the forest of pubic hair Slave One had, but he could tell it was getting smaller and smaller by the second.

Normally, Master JJ would have cum in Slave Three’s mouth, letting him swallow a Real Man’s cum for the first time. However, he wanted to experiment, and so pulled his massive dong out and came all over Slave Three’s body. His face, chest, and even his little prick were covered in Real Man’s cum, dripping from every crevice, and pooling in a puddle on the ground. As Slave Three was instructed to lick up all the cum that had fallen to the ground, Master JJ brought out another chastity cage. He had learned from his experience with Slave Two that it was best to put it on after he had fucked the new slave.

That meant there were a few more minutes in his already long refractory period. He used those up with a method he had declined to use with Slave Two. Slave Three was used as a urinal, collecting the copious amounts of piss that Master JJ let out and swallowed it all up. Even the Real Man was shocked at how well this inferior white man was able to not spill a drop. After he had finished pissing, Slave Three was then forced to clean him from head to toe. Master JJ hadn’t realized this with his previous two Slaves, but just the act of cleaning allowed the pheromones and the natural Real Man stench to overpower the white boy and his inferior clit. Still, Master JJ loved the visual of them breathing in his rank pit smell.

Slave Three did it pretty much in the same fashion as Slave Two, including the long pauses breathing in a Real Man’s noxious underarm aroma. However, Master JJ decided that Slave Three would also eat him out. While this was normally reserved for tops, which white boys would never be, it allowed him more control by associating flatulence with this act. He was able to fart a couple times, letting Slave Three breathe in another bodily odor that only asserted more control over him. Master JJ was then ready to fuck his new slave and cement his place as an inferior white faggot to Real Men.

While the rubbers from the Elders had come in, Master JJ knew Slave Three wouldn’t be carrying anything, having only fucked one girl before. However, he did lube up a bit more than usual, as he didn’t know if Slave Three’s was completely virgin or not. It appeared as though it was, and Master JJ was quite excited at the fact that a Real Man would be taking this slave’s anal virginity, and not some inferior white boy. He watched as the petite hole expanded to many times its size to fit the absolutely humongous dong of a Real Man. Once he was safely inside, he began fucking his new slave, the slave’s first fuck ever.

Truthfully, JJ was getting a bit tired of reaming out new white slaves. They were all the same, moaning and groaning in pleasure and crying out that they were just a hole for a real man to fuck. However, he did get to watch as Slave Three’s cock got smaller and smaller as his master was getting close to cumming. The whole cock itself was almost the size of Master JJ’s piss slit, and that meant it was a bit smaller, not the other way around. Master JJ was soon getting ready to cum, and he knew that this time, his seed would be directly deposited into his slave’s hole.

Slave Three took it like a slave should as cum invaded his orifice for the first time. As befitting a Real Man, rivers of cum flowed out, and the Real Man’s cock was covered in a sheen of white when he pulled out. Slave Three licked it clean, and then cleaned out his own ass as well. Master JJ helped him with that, as anal play was something that needed to be done carefully. Once both were clean enough to the Real Man’s liking, Master JJ put the chastity cage on the white boy. Even the absolute smallest one left a little bit of room to get an erection, but white faggots never got erections anymore.

Master JJ then led his slave downstairs and introduced him to Slaves One and Two. He then walked back upstairs to relax and revel in his newfound power. He had a meeting with the Elders coming up, but for now, he could just enjoy having three white boys under his control. As he scrolled through Instagram, he laughed. Slave Three had queued a post, and the time stamp read just a few minutes ago.

This would be the last post Slave Three would ever show his followers, and it didn’t even show what he was actually doing at this time: learning which plate of mushed up gunk was his.
from Tumblr http://bit.ly/2VB14eA

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