Promotional Video

“Some of these guys can’t even count to 5,” counterpointed Marcus at a business meeting. He was the owner of a lucrative sex slave business, that bulked up men and dumbed them down so that they would be the perfect bull stud. “I don’t think they can act.”

“But, Marcus,” said one of the executives on his board, “advertising of any kind will bring in much more clientele and money. It’s a proven fact, and it’s also a proven fact that our funds are going to start running out quickly.”

“Yes, yes, I fucking know. Fine, I’ll film a stupid promotional video. But I need to pick out the guys first.”

“Deal,” he said, as the two men shook hands. As Marcus left, he went through a mental list in his head of all the guys he currently had in the stables. He then remembered Williamsford, now shortened just to Will. He had been a MENSA-certified genius, so the dumbing down part of the initiation into being a bull stud didn’t have as strong of an effect than with some other bulls. He sent a picture of Will to the board, and they agreed to the video.

A couple days later, a film crew was all set up in one of the gardens Will had on the property. He was dressed in casual sporty clothes, the image he put out to the public already. However, Will was clothed for the first time in quite a while. He touched the fabric as Marcus strained to pull it over him. Of course, he was wearing a size too small in both his shirt and pants, to accentuate his muscles, and especially his ass. Normally, the film crew would have liked to start with the introductory piece, but considering Will was making sexual eyes at the boom operator, they decided to work on the piece with Will himself first.

“Marcus, tell us who we have here.”

“This here is Will. He was Williamsford R. Copenhagen before our team got a hold of him. Now, he just goes by Will.” Marcus then spun Will around, like in the gif above. “All of our bull studs undergo the exact same training, which means that remnants from their civilian lives still remain. In the case of Will, it was his bubble butt that got even larger.”

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