Racial Superiority: The End

“You may only have six slaves,” read the letter from the Elders. It didn’t take JJ long to figure out who the final two slaves would be, and he set his plan into motion later that day. He called up Jake Paul and set up a meeting with him, so they could work on restoring JJ’s relationship with Logan. Naturally, JJ had no such no plans of doing that, and instead spent the rest of the day showing Slave One how to use the video camera, which would be uploaded to the Elders’ servers instantaneously.

The next day, the blonde Youtuber showed up at JJ’s front door. In a turn of events from Jake’s perspective, JJ hugged him for quite some time. He didn’t think that the bad blood was gone already, but it was, of course, JJ sending out his pheromones and Jake taking them in. The two made their way to the living room where JJ once again talked and explained to Jake that he wanted to make amends. They set up plans for the Pauls and him to have dinner tonight, as Logan had traveled with them. JJ was not expecting that, so he put his plan into action a bit earlier than expected.

“Are you feeling a little hot? My thermostat’s fucked up, and the guy can’t come until tomorrow.”

“Now that you say so, I am feeling a bit hot.” Both men took off their shirts, but Jake found himself staring at JJ’s toned and muscular upper body, his deep black skin reflecting the sunlight.

“Interested?” JJ asked, “noticing” Jake’s reaction to him going shirtless.

“Um, you do look great shirtless. Can I touch your pecs?”

“Of course! Slave One, we’re ready!” Jake was a bit puzzled by the remark, and even more so when one of his fellow Youtubers crawled into the room, video camera in hand. He set it up, but Jake was more concerned about how much he had changed. He was lean and quite skinny, and it looked like he had no dick at all! However, the allure of JJ’s sweaty and large pecs overpowered his thoughts, and the first seconds of the video showed Jake cupping the pecs and noting just how massive they were.

Jake worshipped JJ’s upper body for a few more minutes, feeling JJ’s baseball-sized biceps and tracing the deep lines of the black stud’s eight-pack with his fingers. As he playfully tugged at the waistband of JJ’s pants, he took that as a sign Jake was ready to see a Real Man’s cock, and the long and juicy cock flopped out and hit Jake in the face. Before, Jake would have been totally freaked out by a cock staring him in the face, but now he opened his mouth and waited for it to enter his mouth. JJ got it in there, and the younger Paul began sucking him off. It had seemed as though Logan has used Jake’s mouth before, as he was at a much higher caliber at this point than his previous four slaves.

His tongue expertly maneuvered around his shaft, and he was the only one to use one of his hands to jerk off part of the shaft that wasn’t in his mouth or down his throat. He also engaged in ball play, pulling down JJ’s massive nuts and squeezing them, and even twisting them too! JJ loved the pain, but also the pleasure that Jake gave him by pressing on his perineum. He moaned loudly and erotically as Jake lightly pressed down on there. Slave One’s little clit leaked out a bit of pre-cum hearing that angelic sound, as he made sure Jake’s head was framed perfectly in the shot.

It was then time to cum, and while JJ normally would have had Slave Jake swallow his cum, he wanted to really showcase his power over him, and so he pulled out and covered Slave Jake’s face in his cum. And for him, that was not hyperbole. Every inch of Slave Jake’s face had cum on it, and much of it had leaked onto his chest and onto the floor. Master JJ made sure Slave One got a good shot of Slave Jake’s face as it was leaking cum. The face was on camera for a couple minutes as Master JJ popped his boner pill and got ready to fuck Slave Five, still in the living room.

After the camera was repositioned, Master JJ lubed up and had Slave Five spread his cheeks wide open, revealing a nice pink asshole, with signs that it had already been used. Master JJ just smiled as he lined up his cock, and as he expected, it slid right in, as far as it could go. He then began to fuck Slave Five, and he most certainly did not hold back. Slave Five’s body flopped around like a rag doll and his ass rippled as Master JJ viciously assaulted his ass. His monster nuts also slapped against the slave’s ass, which was quickly turning red. Slave One got an awesome shot of that.

Master JJ decided not to speak to Slave Five, as he wanted to wait for Logan. So, instead he breathed in deeply, inhaling the scent in the air. A mixture of sweat and cum turned him on, and Slave Five was crying out in pleasurable pain as Master JJ fucked his ass better than Logan ever did. He turned out to be a vocal fucker, pleading with his master to fuck him like the dirty bitch he was and to fill him with his seed like the white pussy he was. Master JJ complied, and he held on to Slave Five’s weak obliques as he pumped loads and loads of thick and creamy seed into his ass.

As he pulled out, he also pulled away and allowed Slave One to get a shot of Slave Five’s throbbing hole, leaking copious amounts of Real Man’s cum and his ass juices. He then had Slave Five clean his cock off, using his tongue expertly for the second time that day. As he got Slave Five’s cock cage ready and did some more preparatory things, JJ had Slave One upload the video and send it to the provided email.

As Logan was going over the video he was going to film here, he got an email from KSI. Not a Youtube notification, but an actual email from JJ. The email was entirely blank, but contained a video attachment. He pressed play, and he watched as his younger brother played with JJ’s pecs, smiling in admiration at this black guy. He fast-forwarded, and it got even worse, seeing Jake’s face literally covered in JJ’s cum and later on, his hole leaking more of that cum. Jake had a smile on his face throughout, and Logan noticed that Jake’s cock was somehow getting smaller throughout this fucked-up ordeal.

He immediately called an Uber and arrived at JJ’s house in record time. To his surprise, the door was wide open.

“Oh, you fucking-” Logan stopped himself mid-sentence as he felt a sharp pain in his upper shoulder. He saw as his younger boulder smiled as he injected him with a needle filled with a dark substance. Before he could respond, he slumped to the ground. When he awoke an hour or so later, he found himself in a basement, tied up to a metal chair. What was even worse, and more fucked up, was that JJ was straddling him, his ridiculously large cock pushed up against his face. But as JJ moved off of him, as he noticed his eyes open, he found himself reaching for the cock.

“What the fuck?” he said, out loud.

“Oh, poor, poor Logan. You see, I knocked you out and then sat on you. That allowed you to breathe in my pheromones much longer than anyone else here did, including your brother. Just now, you wanted to grab my cock. You can’t fight it, Logan, but in your case, your conscious brain needs a bit of catching up.”

“This is fucked up and totally illegal, JJ! I could have you fucking arrested, you-”

“Look at your cock,” JJ added. Logan glanced down, and saw to his horror, that he was rock hard and leaking pre-cum. “I guess your head down there has caught up.”

“Are you going to fuck me like you did to my brother?”

“Oh, yes, you fucking cracker, that’s all I’m going to do to you. You see, I have five other slaves to cook, clean, and do other shit for me. But you, you’re going to be my sex slave, and only my sex slave. You’d better get used to having a cock in your hole at every time. Your asshole will become a gaping pink mess in no time.”

“I-” Logan stopped himself for the third time as he found himself wanting that to happen. Whatever JJ was doing to him was fucked up, but also fucking hot.

“I see that you’re almost ready to partake of a Real Man’s cock. To get you there, why don’t you watch your brother suck me off again? Slave Five!” Slave Five crawled over and got on his knees. He started to suck Master JJ off, but it didn’t take long for Logan, now Slave Six, to start drooling. To JJ’s surprise, Slave Six came hands-free, just by watching this sight. “I see I’ve made a good choice,” JJ said as he pushed Slave Five away and walked over to Slave Six. As he untied him, the former Youtuber got to work on his new Master’s rock hard cock. Once you go black, you never go back was very true in Slave Six’s case, but there was just one black, Real Man who he would serve until the end of time.
from Tumblr http://bit.ly/2MKgXQT

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