Secret Potion: More Guys

The same potion from yesterday’s post didn’t just affect those three guys. Here are six more men who fell victim to the potion and transformed!

Reilly, Aaron, and Kyle were all bunking together, and a stroke of pure luck, the potion affected all of them the same way. The three were forced to lie down on their beds as the change took over. Much like one of the men yesterday, these three saw a dramatic change in their bodies, changing them from twinks or twunks to full-blown bears, hair and fat and all! When the change was over, the three, nude from the growth, had a threesome that was some of the best sex all three guys had ever had.

Nick’s change was almost imperceptible to the human eye. Already lanky and skinny, he got slightly taller and grew his hair out more. However, when he smiled, anybody could tell that his incisors were longer and sharpened, much like a vampire’s fangs. A poor adult found out the real truth behind Nick’s change as the man sucked his blood to feed.

Matt’s change required no bodily transformations at all, but he had one of the most profound mental changes out of all the men. As he packed up his bags, he was wondering why he had even gone to this conference anyways. He only ran competitively to keep fit, and besides, practices and meets were already cutting into studying time a whole fucking lot. As he checked out of the conference a few days early, the front desk lady noticed a distinctive change in the lad. He now looked every part like your stereotypical nerd, glasses and bow tie included, and not like a runner.

And finally poor Travis. It was the change didn’t affect him at all. He pretty much acted normally, and he too checked out of the conference early, around the same time as Matt. However, he wasn’t a nerd. No, the change had made him realize what he wanted his career path to be: stripper. There was a gay strip club not too far from the conference center, and since it was a week day, the owner gave him a trial run that very night. He was able rake in a fair amount of cash for the night, so he was hired full-time. Unlike Matt, he continued to play the same sports from college, only in rec leagues so he could keep fit and fuck the hot guys that started to frequent his place of work.
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