My Nice Wet Slave

I’m always on the lookout for new subs. Normally, they would have to go through a whole process of vetting a dom, making sure it’s a right fit, all that shit. I never have that problem, because I’m a trained hypnotist. I can make any guy fall under my control, without fail. I was scrolling through Instagram one day when I came across this picture.

His name was Sebastian, and I just loved the expression that he was making. That vacuous look in his face meant that he was a prime subject for hypnosis, and I DM’ed him, hoping to get a response back. I did, just a few seconds later, and we chatted for a couple hours. What Seb didn’t realize was that I was slowly putting triggers in the text and hypnotizing him right now. It just seemed totally natural for him to send me a nude pic when I asked. Seeing his naked body, I knew I wanted him as a personal slave.

The level of hypnosis he was under wasn’t that deep yet, so I spent the next day getting Seb deeper and deeper until he was ready to give up all control to me. Some might say this is unethical, but I don’t give a fuck. I was given a talent and use it however I want it. And if there is a problem, the same talent can get me out of it. Anyways, Seb agreed to come live with me as my live-in slave, and I set up everything. My new slave would be arriving in a couple days, and I had just the plan for him.

You see, just having a live-in slave isn’t all that fun. It gets tiring after a while, so I like to spice things up a bit. Sebastian here was going to find out that he loved being wet. But me being me, I would make sure wet just didn’t refer to actual water. So, when Seb arrived at my humble abode a couple days later, the first thing I had him do was change into some shorts and hop into the pool. And I know this was my fault, but Seb didn’t look all too excited to get in the pool. I snapped a picture before asking him.

“It’s just that pools are a ridiculous waste of water. That’s not to mention-”

“Hush,” I said, not wanting to hear this bizarre tirade on pools. Instead, I instilled in him his love for all things wet, and it wasn’t long at all before I saw his nice bubble butt peeking through the surface as began to do laps. Once he was tired from all the swimming, I brought him inside to check out his new home. He did have to put his pants back on, though, as my pesky neighbor sometimes liked to peek over the fence. He was one of those rare folks I couldn’t hypnotize, but I digress.

I showed Seb around the house, pointing out where he would be sleeping, eating, and going to the bathroom. We soon made our way to the master bedroom.

“And here is my bedroom. You are not allowed to be in here unless you are sexually serving me. Would you like to do that, Sebastian? Would you like to have sex with your new Master right now?”

“Yes, Master, oh, anything for my Master!” He had such a big grin on his face I had to get it on camera first.

He dropped his pants now that we were safely inside and I locked the bedroom door. He stripped me, revealing the toned and muscular body that he would soon be worshipping. But not today, because I was horny and wanted to get into sex with Sebastian straight away. He dropped to his knees and started to suck me off. One pity about my new slave was that he was formerly straight. During the couple days between my hypnosis and his arrival, I told him to read up on gay sex, and practice if he could.

It seemed like he was able to get in a whole lot of practice, as his teeth never brushed up against my cock, and he was even better than fucking than some of the gay whores I had brought home from the club before. Seb knew how to sensually suck me off, slowly moving his mouth down my shaft and using his tongue to caress it at the same time. He licked my piss slit, and even played with my perineum, something I hadn’t learned about until recently. Thank god for the internet!

He quickly got into a rhythm, and got me moaning and groaning like a bitch in heat. I would have no such thing, and as soon as I broke from my revelry, I grabbed Seb by his beautiful blonde locks and started to viciously face fuck him. His big blue eyes started to have tears rolling from them as I attacked his face, pushing my cock farther down his throat than he ever dreamed of. Spit began to fall from the corners of his mouth and he began to choke a little. Even a master like me knows that’s when it’s time to pull back, but also knows that the slave is ready for it to go back down again just seconds later.

I wasn’t going to cum in this hole, so a few minutes later, I let go of Seb’s hair, and he collapsed to the ground, in a sea of sweat.

“Get the fuck up,” I said, “and on the bed.” Seb complied, but I also saw him taste his own sweat. That was one of the “wet” things that he now learned to love. How very cute. Maybe I could take a page out of his book and use him instead of wasting water on showers. I decided I would do that as I got out some lube and a condom. As Seb spread his cheeks wide open in preparation for me to fuck him, I found out he was very tight.

His hole could barely accept my finger, but he did tell me that both holes had been used. So, I made sure his hole was well lubricated, as was my cock, and I rammed my cock in there. As I expected, and hoped for, Seb screamed out in pain. I’m a sadist, so I loved breaking in my new slave, pushing my cock deeper and deeper into his hole. Once I got past the tight beginning, his hole was somewhat loose and ready for my cock. I was able to get all my cock inside, balls touching ass for the first time. Both of us moaned as I reached that point, and then Seb started to scream again as I began to fuck him.

That was music to my ears, and thankfully, it turned to moans and groans quickly enough. I don’t want that fucking annoying neighbor thinking I’m murdering someone. Seb was also starting leak pre-cum. In his case, it was pretty watery, and you all know where this is going. My new slave rubbed his own piss slit and licked off his pre-cum. I found that ridiculously hot, and so picked up my intensity. That caused him to moan and groan all over again. And while he wasn’t licking his own sweat again, Seb’s body was getting sweatier by the second. I loved watching some of it bounce off his body after a particularly intense thrust.

I was a verbal fucker, but I would save my sweet nothings for another day. I pulled my cock out, and it appeared that Seb would need a bit more training, as he didn’t turn around and anxiously wait for me to cum. I was going to remedy that, but first I had to get over him and open his mouth wide. I used my other hand to jerk myself off and cum in his mouth. It was a sight to behold, me spewing ropes of cum from my cock and this little fucker eating it all up, literally. Seb made sure that my cock was completely clean before I allowed him to flop onto the bed, in a pile of his sweat. I wanted him to take a selfie to commemorate our first fuck.

I will admit, I fucking love this look on Seb. Maybe just have him shower me with his tongue every day. Then I’ll really save on the water bill. And look at him. He’s getting hard just looking at the picture he took of himself. I fucking love my life!
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