Chasing Tail

“Fuck,” Brody said, as the sirens started wailing behind him. He went through a mental checklist in his head. Was he high, was he drunk? No. Speeding, erratic driving? No. He wondered what it could be as he pulled over to the side of the road and waited for the cop to appear by his window.

“License and registration,” said the cop. As Brody looked to his left, he saw a body just waiting to escape from that uniform. It was bulging at the seams, and as he looked up, the face looked angelic too. He flashed a smile at the officer as he grabbed the papers and went to run them. He would be jacking off to fantasies of him tonight.

The cop was back relatively quickly, much sooner than Brody expected. “All clear, son. Just wanted to inform you that one of your tail lights is out. You’ll need to get it fixed immediately. There’s a shop just down the road from here.”

“Shit! Oh, sorry, officer, it’s just that I don’t have any money on me right now. All of my cash is at home, and my stupid fucking card is overdrawn.”

“No worries, son, I’ll pay for the fix. But I need you to do something for me first.” Brody’s mind began wondering if tonight’s fantasy was actually going to become a reality. “Get out of the car.” Brody had pulled over just past some bushes that blocked the line of sight from the road. “Take off your pants and underwear,” the officer commanded, the first thing he said that was out of the ordinary. Of course, Brody complied, and showed the officer his toned legs and his good-sized cock. However, even the cocky stud couldn’t compare to the cop’s massive cock, which he snaked out of his uniform pants.

“Suck,” he said, but Brody was going to do that anyways. The cock was absolutely massive, and his jaw hurt from opening that wide. However, he also knew that this getting him out of a ticket or some shit, so he sucked it up and swallowed even more of it. He wasn’t able to swallow all of it in one gulp, but he swallowed quite a bit, which the cop noticed.

“I didn’t peg you for a fag, so this is even better!” Brody was a bit turned on by men talking down to him, and his dick fluttered as well. He focused most of his effort on the cop’s humongous dong, however, using his tongue to play with his piss slit and mushroom head. He also pressed on the cop’s perineum and fondled his balls, as the officer slowly and sensually pulled his pants down. His own dick was getting harder and harder, and by now, the cop began to notice it. As he began to face-fuck Brody, he also verbally taunted the driver.

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