Dumbing Down Device

If you’ve watched gay porn for any amount of time, you’ve probably seen Connor Maguire at least once. While he did so some vanilla porn, he was mostly known for his roles on Bound Gods, being one of their top doms and one of their most erotic ones as well. But what a lot of people never realized was that wasn’t an act. Connor acted like that in real life, and in Bound Gods, he wasn’t living out a fantasy; he was just doing what he loved and had gotten paid for it.

Now, you might be wondering why I’m referring to Connor in the past tense, and who I am. Well, I’m a gay porn star myself, but if word got out about what I did to Connor, I would blackballed instantely. And no, Connor’s not dead, I’m not that evil. He just won’t be participating in any porn shoots for quite some time. It all began on a Bound Gods shoot. I had recently ventured into the porn scene, and was looking for any job I could get. My friends told me BDSM paid the big bucks, especially if they could really push the levels on you, like if you allowed fisting or suffocation. I decided to do it, because money, and I also loved those types of videos themselves.

When I applied, I made it just to the beginning of the hardcore range. I waited a couple days, and my application was accepted, with a thick and juicy paycheck attached. I was also stoked when I read who my Dom’s name would be: Connor Maguire. At this point and time, I had a massive crush on the guy, and he was constantly in my jerk-off fantasies. I could barely wait the couple days under our scene was set to shoot.

I arrived at the Armory- remember that place, guys?- and I got changed into different civilian clothes. I was soon introduced to Connor, and not long after, we started the pre-interview. Connor and I shot the shit for a bit, talking about BDSM and porn in general. Then the scene actually began. The first scene was the “plot” scene, with Connor pretending to be a burglar, and, not finding anything of value, decided to use me. After some play struggling, the cameras cut, and I was bound in my first ever rope set-up.

It was actually pretty fucking hot, at that time, not being able to use my limbs or even my head. I could only thrust upwards, and my asshole was exposed. Connor started with edging me, which I loved. I moaned and groaned, and then sighed as his hand slowly moved away just before I was ready. That went on for a little bit, and then we moved on to more physical stuff, like spanking or pinching.

I told the guys my pain tolerance was pretty low, which was good for a sub, as it would elicit a good reaction without too much work. However, Connor didn’t seem to realize that I was screaming out in pain at a lower level than most men, and when it got to be too much, I began screaming “RED!”, the safe word for this porn site. It didn’t mean that much to Connor, though, who thought I needed more pain and slapped my ass even harder. I continued screaming until they pulled him away.

He was never disciplined or got into trouble for disobeying the safe word, and I was chewed out for pushing them over the day’s limit. Thankfully, the scene was over shortly enough, and I put on a happy face for the post interview. But as soon as I went home, I knew I would get revenge on Connor. Most punishments wouldn’t work on him, as he was a BDSM loving slut who thrived on people seeing every part of his body in public.

So, that got me thinking, and then it hit me like a bus: I needed to change his mental state, d’oh! That would have been hard to do, I thought, but I had recently become entranced by stories about himbos, male bimbos. Quite a lot were converted through this thing called himbo powder. I looked it up, and the shit was actually real, but I knew that there was no easy way for sprinkle it into Connor’s drink or cook himself something with it.

The website, however, listed a bunch of other options that would himboify a man. One that looked particularly intriguing was a fleshlight. Each thrust released nanobots or some shit into the bloodstream that had the same effect as himbo powder. There was a big red warning, though, stating repeated use could cause indelible damage to the mind, and possibly body. I wasn’t too worried about that, and clicked add to cart.

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