Man of the House

Man, us Gen Z’ers get a bad fuckin’ rap. Lots of people think we’re on our phones all day, and we don’t contribute shit to society. Yes, even I’ll admit we’re on our phones a lot, but you can do a whole bunch of shit on your phone nowadays! And, no, we are not lazy! Well, maybe I’m the exception to that rule, but I stumbled upon this awesome hypnosis track made by someone the exact same age as me: 18 ½. And I know exactly who to use it on.

You see, my parents are divorced, and it was so fucking bad I haven’t seen my mom in over eight years. I wanted to live with Dad anyways, but recently he’s been getting on my fuckin’ nerves, man! He says I’m a lazy bum with no work ethic and I spend all my time on my phone, jerking off to porn. Once again, our generation does a lot of stuff on our phones, and I have no work ethic because he’s a cheapskate that won’t let me buy a car! And I’ve tried online jobs and shit, and none paid well, and even camming wouldn’t work, as the tax paperwork needed to be filled out ahead of time, and I didn’t want Dad to know I was doing that shit.

So, yeah, back to the hypnosis track. I purchased it through the dude’s Patreon, and couldn’t wait to test it on Dad. If there’s one good thing about him, it’s that we share the same taste in music. He loves jammin’ out to Cardi and Post, and he’s pretty much the only adult male I want to see at those concerts. So, the track was made and had all the metadata and shit of the newest Cardi song. Thankfully, he didn’t ask me any questions about how I got it, or that I happened to be wearing earplugs at the time.

I pressed play, and didn’t hear anything at all. However, my phone started vibrating and Dad was really getting into it, so I assumed it was playing. My fellow Gen Z’er said the effects wouldn’t take place instantaneously, as they needed some time to sink in. I could still look at the screen, so I knew when it was over. Dad’s also loud and boisterous, so I could hear him somewhat well with the plugs in.

“Great song, Kevin! Is it in the iTunes account yet? I think I’ll listen to hit when I hit the gym later.”

“Not yet, Dad. I’ll get on it now.” Sweet! Dad never suspected a thing, and I watched as the number of plays continued to increase. He must have the song on repeat or some shit! He got home from the gym after I went to bed and jerked off to a hot porn video of a father and son fucking. They even showed the birth certificates to show that it was actual fucking incest.

I normally wake up later than Dad, but so late that he’s gone to work already. So, I was a bit shocked when I noticed his car in the driveway, but I assumed the hypnosis had something to do with it. I didn’t know exactly what was on it, so I was in for a bit of a surprise when I went downstairs.

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