Mom’s Replacement

Harold and Kellan stood by the door of the church. Both of them were crying as the casket rolled by, before the pallbearers took it down the stairs and into the hearse. They continued to cry at the cemetery, and for a couple of days after. But Harold’s bereavement time was soon up, and he had to put on a brave face at work. In fact, Kellan had seen a noticeable turnaround in him. His dad was no longer sad. Actually, he was getting more angry and irritable now. Kellan tried to brush it off, but when Harold exploded at the TV because of a fictional character’s actions, he decided to dig deeper.

“Dad, what’s wrong? You never act like this.”

“Kellan, you wouldn’t understand. It’s just that I haven’t had sex in a while.”

“You can still jerk off, right? It’s healthy to do that, and you even taught me how to do it!”

“It’s not that, Kel. Banging my meat and sticking my dick in a woman’s pussy are two very different things.”

“Then why don’t tou find someone else to fuck? It’s 2019, I bet there’s a dating app for someone like you.”

“That’s the fucking problem, Kellan. I don’t want to fuck anyone but your momma. Wait. Go up to my bedroom and wait there.”

“Am I in trouble, Dad?”

“You will be if you don’t do what I say!” Kellan quickly made his way upstairs, not knowing what to expect. His dad appeared at the doorway seconds later, holding a pair of women’s panties in his hands.

“Strip buck naked and put these on, son.”

“Ew, no! That’s fucking gross, Dad!”

“Do as I fucking say, boy! And I know you’re one of them faggots. I heard they really like imaging their dads or brothers fucking ‘em.” Kellan gulped. All that was very true, but he never expected to be doing it in women’s panties. He quickly stripped in front of his father and slipped them on.

“On the bed,” his dad barked, as he too began to strip. Kellan had seen Harold shirtless a countless number of times, but had never seen his cock before now. And it was a doozy. It was much bigger than Kellan could have ever imagined. “Suck,” Harold then ordered. Kellan didn’t need any prodding as he pounced on his dad’s dick.

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