A Different Kind of Prison Bitch

It was no secret that the country’s prisons were overpopulated. So, some sheriff’s departments took it upon themselves to figure out a new solution. Recidivism had gone in districts where the Prison Bitch system was implemented. The specifics of the program were kept under wraps to the general public, as they wouldn’t want to know what really went down there. Sheriff Johnston was the head of the Prison Bitch department in Amityville, and he had just gotten an email asking if this criminal was right for the program.

Luis Gonzalez was arrested for petty theft, breaking and entering, and resisting arrest. But Johnston really didn’t care what crimes he committed; he was more interested in how the criminal looked. Gonzalez wasn’t that attractive, but Johnston wouldn’t say no to him if he didn’t pick someone up at the bar already that night. He emailed the sheriff’s receptionist back, and Luis Gonzalez was sentenced to the Prison Bitch program. He was transferred to the secure underground Prison Bitch facility that night.

The next morning, Johnston walked in, with a swagger.

“Look at what we here. Some Latino trash.”

“That’s fucking racist, officer.”

“Who gives an actual fucking shit? You ruined someone’s livelihood,” Johnston added, as he walked in the cell.

“I can report you for that shit.”

“Take off your pants.”

“What, officer?”

“You heard me, you piece of Latin shit. Pants off, now!”

“Um, officer, I would love to, but-” Gonzalez didn’t get to finish, as Johnston was getting tired of his back talk. He ripped the fly of Gonzalez’s pants opened and pulled it down a little bit. What he saw shocked him.

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