Office Himbos

HR complaints of sexual abuse were not to be taken lightly, and Carli Atkins had video proof that Austin Bradford had inappropriately touched her, made lewd comments, and even attempted an upskirt photograph. However, HR was in a bit of a conundrum.

“Ms. Atkins, we fully understand and empathize with your complaint, and do not take it lightly. However, Mr. Bradford has been the top seller at our company for quite some time, and he has an important client base. If we let him go, then the business will be ruined.”

“So, you’re letting some white guy go scot-free just because ‘it’s best for the company’? I’m fucking leaving!” Carli announced, in a huff.

“Ms. Atkins, please sit back down. We have another solution that is promising.”

“What is it?” she asked the HR lady, sitting back down. “Do I still have to work with him?”

“Yes, but not for long. A company that sprung up in the post #MeToo era, Office Himbos, is on retainer for our company. We haven’t had to use them yet, but this seems like a prime opportunity.”

“And what do they do? And what’s a himbo?”

“A himbo is a male bimbo, and they slowly but surely change men into himbos. One of the hallmarks of a himbo, much like a bimbo, is their dumbness. So, in the early stages, you’ll have to deal with him, but rest assured, he’ll be on the most accelerated path possible.”

“And then he’ll have to be let go?”

“Eventually. The himbo powder, or pills, will cause his IQ to drop well below average.”

“Great! What else do I need to do on my end?”

“The cost will be deducted from your paycheck, but they’re honestly not too expensive. And you need to sign a waiver saying you’re okay with the sexist and demeaning things continuing for a little bit until the himboification starts to take effect.”

“Deal!” Carli practically screamed. Yes, she would have to deal with that treacherous leach of a man for a few more days, but it would be well-worth it in the long run. And her current boyfriend could afford to pick up a few more shifts to make up for her “slacking”.

A couple days later, Carli received a ping from HR. “It’s begun.” A private email detailed that some of Austin’s pills had been replaced with himbo pills. There would be no harmful side effects, only a change into a himbo. Austin didn’t notice too much of a change at first. He was still focused on his soon-to-be conquest, Carli. He swore her pussy throbbed when he attempted to take that pic of her panties. And what woman wouldn’t want to date a stud like him?

The first change was the selection of pornos he watched. He was scrolling through a random selection when he came across a guy that looked fucking hot. That meant a fucking hot girl was soon to come, but Austin quickly found it was a gay porno. That Alam Wernik hunk was damn hot, and he bet he could look like that someday. He mindlessly jerked off to it, but went back to solely straight porn afterwards.

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