Making the Team

Brighton Academy was known for one thing, and that was their soccer team. Their name was non-indicative of higher learning, but Brighton was a college, and its classes were simple and easy to pass. That allowed the student athletes, which was most of the Academy, more time to excel in soccer. The only problem was that Brighton had been created by a British expatriate, and he thought the best college sport was actually soccer, using the annoying American terminology of its actual name, football.

It was much too late when he realized that they were referring to American football in all of those studies, the sports with the pads and the goalposts. While Brighton was still able to field an impressive team, the costs of scouting them and paying the staff was much higher than he would have thought, and he was draining his reserves much quicker than he should have. So, he decided to add yet another thing to the long and daunting checklist needed for an application to Brighton.

Jax Hollister was one of Michigan’s best soccer players by far. He was MVP of his league every year since freshman year, and had even been invited to join the Junior Olympic team! He wasn’t too smart, though, and so thought nothing of it when the application asked him to film a specific type of video for the application. One Saturday afternoon, he sat on his bed dressed in his soccer uniform, and with a fleshlite by his side. He pressed play on the video camera, and then began talking.

“Hello! My name is Jax Hollister, and this is the video part of my application to Brighton. As requested, here I am in my uniform, and here is me flexing my upper body.” The dumb jock didn’t take his clothes off as he flexed his biceps and abs, making them pop. However, this was what the admissions team at Brighton was looking for. “And now for the next part. I am a boxers type of dude, but that’s because my parents still buy me that shit. I would open to wearing jocks or g-strings if I get accepted.” Jax was taking off his bottoms as he talked about underwear. He didn’t exactly know what a g-string was, but he at least knew to go along with it.

“As you can see, my dick is circumcised and about three inches flaccid. The application asked us to get unique here, and I’m using my dad’s fleshlite to jerk off. I’ve stolen it a few times before, and honestly, it makes it feel so much fucking better.” Jax at least knew it was a bit weird to be jerking off on a video that would be sent into college, but the thought of going to Brighton for soccer overpowered.

He lubed up his cock and slid the fleshlite on. “FUCK!” he moaned, as the pussy lips met his cockhead and began opening up to fit his massive cock. Once he got into a rhythm, and after some more moaning and groaning, he began talking to the camera again.

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