How I Fucked My Father

Yes, I’ve fantasized about fucking my father. And if you saw him, you would want to fuck him too! Rico Allende was second-in-command at the town’s only construction company. He was their on-the-ground chief, and so dealt with manual labor still. That meant he was pretty jacked for a fifty-year-old. And me, Jorge? Well, I’m definitely not as fit as my father by a long shit, but I’m in relatively healthy shape. I’m a 19-year-old who’s not in college. That shit’s not for me, but neither is manual labor. Also, my mom died recently. I know I’m springing a lot of shit on you at once, but Dad thinks I’m still grieving, which is fine with me.

But back to my daddy fantasies. I’ve of course seen him shirtless before, and super sweaty. He’s a boxers guy, and sometimes that’s all he’ll wear around the house on a hot summer night. And like every horny teen, I take his underwear from the hamper and jerk off to it. His smell is so manly, a mix of sweat, pre-cum, and dirt makes get me hard no matter what. I’m careful to only jerk off when he’s not home, and I always hide my evidence.

Like most dudes who want to fuck their dad, it’s not easy. Rico isn’t gay by a longshot, and while he is getting better with the LGBTQ+ community, he still doesn’t want me bringing my boyfriends home with me. And approaching him about incest? That would be out of the picture, and I’d be out on the streets before I could finish that sentence. So, I did what every horny teen my age did, and scoured the dark web. I wanted something that worked perfectly, but also be pretty simple, because I totally admit, I am one lazy ass motherfucker.

I soon stumbled across hypnosis. It seemed like the perfect plan. For most, I didn’t need to do anything except get him to listen to the track! I found some that would work out perfectly, but all of them were based on today’s top hits. The only problem was that Dad hated all of today’s music. If he wanted to listen to music, which was quite rare, he put on some Selena. And no, not Selena Gomez, Selena Quintanilla.

Try as I might, no hypnotic tracks were laced in with her music. However, one of them did have a nice ambiance effect. Dad had invested in surround speakers after hearing good things about it from his friends. They were mostly turned on for fútbol games, but I knew how to link it up so that a soft, but hypnotic, track would continuously play. I paid a bit extra for the track to only work on my father, which was well worth the extra cost in the long run.

A few days later, I finally had the track in my possession. I got to work setting it up and started playing it in the living room. It was nice and subtle, noticeable if you were listening for it, but pure background noise if you weren’t. Rico, the Madrid superfan, had two speakers close to his head by his favorite chair so that he wouldn’t miss any of the action, so that would make sure he heard it. Then came the long game of waiting for the hypnosis to work. Subtle hypnosis took a whole lot longer than direct, but I noticed a few changes in Dad over time.

He was no longer disgusted by gay sex scenes on TV, and stopped disparaging transgender individuals. Eventually, he even told me it was fine if I brought my boyfriend home with me! I was stoked for the changes, but still not the one that I wanted to see. The final piece of the puzzle clicked into place one Saturday, when our schedules were ironically mixed. Rico would be staying home all day to watch the games, while I was hanging out with some friends. We did nothing bad or illegal, but it was probably an utter waste of my time. However, I was in for a surprise when I walked through my front door.

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