Mindfucked Brother

Buck did it to move out. He and his older brother, Cam, had been living together for the past couple of years. Cam had been paying more of his fair share of the rent and expenses, having a job as a personal trainer at the local gym. He was in great shape, and all the ladies fawned over him. The few gay men in town fawned over him in private, the gym’s front page showing a shirtless photo of the hunk.

Buck was a college dropout, who had helped both parents when they came down with cancer within days of each other. They both hadn’t seen a doctor in a few years, and at that point, all Buck could provide was palliative care. However, the college wouldn’t accept him back, and even worse, they blackballed him. He couldn’t get into any college, even community college, and forced to do odd jobs around the town.

He of course looked up and down the classified ads every day, and looked at job sites as well. There were no matches for his skill set, or if it was just basic data entry, then the pay was worse than he had now. However, he found a diamond in the rough one day. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and all he needed to do was go to a conference a few towns over. He borrowed the car for the day, and made his way to the community center where the talk was being held.

As he entered, he noticed they were putting up some mats all over the walls. He asked one of the men in a shirt and tie what was going on.

“Oh, I’m here for the same reason you are, bud. But I overheard it has something to do with noise cancellation. Apparently this is some secret shit they’re about to tell us.” Buck got himself a cup of water and waited for the presentation to start. A few minutes later, a man in a three piece suit walked on stage.

“Hello everyone, and welcome to our little presentation. I take it most of you are here because you saw our ad online. And yes, it’s completely true. We are paying top dollar for strapping young men like the ones you have in mind. And let’s begin with the slideshow, shall we?” Buck and the other people watched as the announcer explained what would happen to the men. First up was a mindfuck stage that made them into willing slaves to be used by their buyers. Then came some medical stuff and paperwork at a processing facility, and then came time for the slave market itself.

The market was online, but livestreamed from an undisclosed location. There, the slaves would be bought and subsequently shipped to their buyers. These buyers ranged from Saudi princes to perverted older men with cash to burn. Buck and the others seated here would get a sizable finders’ fee if their man made it all the way to this stage. Then there was some more legalese and shit, and the last portion of the conference did not involve the speaker at all.

Instead, the people gathered made lines at various booths set up in the room, where the men they had in mind would be examined at a cursory glance to see if they could move on to the mindfuck stage. Buck’s line went pretty fast, as most of the people in front of him just did not have a hot enough man. From what he could overhear, many of them were in a similar situation to him, so it was pretty damn sad. As he watched as the employee scrolled through the gallery he set up, he knew something good was about to happen, though.

His eyes bugged wide open and there was a goofy grin on the man’s face. “Buck, I think Cam here will be a perfect candidate. And that cock is just to fuckin’ die for!”

“So, what do I need to do next?”

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