A Cult Following

“And so, if you really want to hit the latissimus dorsi,…” began the second half of Geoff Braxton’s fitness video. He was one of those Instagram fitness models, one who got a high number of followers not because of his techniques or skills, but because of his shirtlessness. He never seemed to have a shirt on, and in most videos, he was super sweaty. His gay fans ate it all up, and most comments were “Fuck me, daddy!” or “Those pits must smell delicious!”

Geoff ignored most of them, being straight himself. Occasionally, a hot chick slid into the comments section, and him into her DMs, but that only really happened once in a blue moon. However, he did cater to his gay fans, though, and on the first of November, he posted a shirtless video of him wearing briefs that had a VPL. “Hey, everyone! It’s the first of November, and this year, I’ve decided to participate in No Nut November! That means no jacking off or sex for the entire month. I know it’s gonna be fuckin’ hard, but I’m doing it to raise awareness of testicular cancer. Dudes, remember to get your balls checked every year and check yourself every month! And half of the proceeds from sales in my shop this month will go towards research to beat this son of a bitch!”

Of course, his gay fans were all over it, and watched his workout videos with eagle eyes, hoping to catch a glimpse of his package or his ever increasing balls. Normally, Geoff would have posted that shit and totally forgotten about it, but considering the amount of likes it got him in a 24 hour period, he decided to actually stick it through until the end. Which, as it turned out, led to a whole slew of different problems. The biggest one came about when Luxor stumbled across his profile, and watched the No Nut video. Luxor then called up his leader after sending him the video.

“I believe this man will have enough cum.”

“Are you sure, Luxor? The last two guys you thought might work were swallowed up by him, and he was not pleased.”

“Yes, Hathsor, but Geoff here has the extra testosterone the other men were lacking.”

“Very well. I will arrange a team to capture him then. When would be the optimal time?”

“November 30th.”

“Thank you, Luxor. Good-bye.”

Geoff could barely get through his workout on the 30th. His dick was throbbing, and he wondered why he had taken this godforsaken pledge in the first place! At midnight, he was going to have a massive cumshot and finally get back to his old schedule of cumming at least twice every day. Walking out of the gym, he didn’t notice two men standing in the shadows on the other side of the building. As the fitness model made his way to his car, they started following him.

They attacked him while he was fiddling with his keys to press the button to unlock his car. As Geoff was forced to inhale chloroform, the other dude picked him up, and he was carried over to the van. Surprisingly, no one saw this whole thing go down, and the gym would later learn its outside security cameras had conveniently been shut down for maintenance during that time. As the unconscious Geoff rolled around in the back, the two muscle bound goons started chatting.

“You think he will work?”

“I don’t know, man. Luxor says he probably has enough cum, but I’m not too sure. He’s as muscular as us.”

“Oh, shut the fuck up, Feldsor! You’re the one who wanted to reap the benefits! I bet Hathsor can easily use you instead of him!”

“Fine, Vraynor. You win.”

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