Sniffing Punishment

Coach Jackson ran a tight ship with his college athletes. Their football program was consistently one of the top in the country, and more than half of his players had gone on to play in the NFL. However, that meant Coach Jackson took no bullshit, and so here he was in his office, with one of his star linebackers.

“Dixson, what did I fucking tell about taking PEDs! That’s grounds for expulsion for you, but it can lead to a shitton of problems for the program itself!”

“I’m sorry, sir, it won’t happen again.”

“Oh, you’re damn fuckin’ right it won’t happen again! I had to call in a lot of favors to sweep this under the rug and not make it into a national scandal.”

“That’s good, Coach. I need to play, and I’m lucky you saw my potential.”

“Well, you fuckin’ dipwad, I’m benching you for the first game of the season, and your punishment will be decided shortly.”


“Dixson, you almost fuckin’ ruined the entire fuckin’ program! Yes, you’re gettin’ fuckin’ punished! Now leave before I decide to kick you off the team!” Dixson didn’t need to be told twice, and scampered out of the office. He went back to his dorm room and didn’t do anything, just scroll through the App Store, looking at games. He didn’t want any scrutiny of anything he did until the punishment was over, and so he was excited when Coach Jackson called him up. “Get back to the locker room. Now.”

Dixson arrived at the locker room a few minutes later. He was expecting some kind of hazing or something, being that he was still a sophomore. However, it was just him and Coach in the locker room. “Strip buck naked.”

“Excuse me, Coach?”

“You fuckin’ heard me, Dixson. I want to see your cock in less than ten seconds!” Dixson hurriedly stripped, and covered his junk as Coach began walking again. The two made their way to the back of the locker room, where few players changed. However, Dixson knew it as the place where the containers for jocks and socks were. He helped Coach lug one out from next to the wall. “Get on your hands and knees.”

“Um, for what?” Dixson asked. He finally knew to comply, but not without asking questions.

“For your fuckin’ punishment, Dixson.” Coach bent over and picked up a mask on the bench. Dixson didn’t notice it before, and despite his constant stupidity, he did realize it was a gas mask. He finally put two and two together as Coach Jackson placed it on his face. Unfortunately, he also heard a click and a jangling of keys. He was still able to look up at Coach, but clawing at the mask did nothing.

Despite the fact he could easily take Coach in a fight, Dixson did not fight back as Coach hooked up the end of the gas mask tube with an opening at the bottom of the barrel. He was immediately hit with an onslaught of rank aromas, musk, sweat, and even some caked-on cum contributing to the mixture. Now Dixson tried to fight back, but the barrel was surprisingly heavy, and if he moved around too much, he could seriously hurt himself.

“The other guys have been told that if you aren’t in your scent pig duties when they throw their dirty jocks and socks into the barrel, getting kicked off the team and being blackballed will be the least of your worries.”

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