Revenge of the Nerds

It was Roger’s senior year, and having just turned 18, he was determined to make it the best year. However, it all came crashing down when the star quarterback shoved him in the hallway. Brady had pushed a number of nerds into lockers before, but this time was unfortunately different. It was one of those fluke accidents, but Roger landed in a way that both his cervical and thoracic spine broke in a number of different places. He was paralyzed from the neck down.

Of course, Brady got off scot-free. The school desperately needed their star quarterback to play this season, and a number of students did note that even if the push was a bit stronger than it should have, Brady would have never expected all of that to happen. However, Roger wanted revenge. His close friend group, incidentally all nerds, camped out in his hospital room after school.

“Brady Kelleher needs to be punished for what he’s done to me,” Roger seethed.

“Whoa there, Roger? Are you sure you want to go through with this?” asked Nicky.

He was promptly dope-slapped on the back of the head by Ivan. “Of course he fucking does! The jock fucking paralyzed him, Nicky!”

“I mean, I’m all for revenge, Roger, but what were you thinking?” questioned the last friend, Jess.

“Oh, I’m not going to murder the guy, if that’s what you’re all thinking. No, I was thinking of some kind of sexual punishment. Ivan, what’s that gay porn site you told me about? The one where they tie up dudes up and do perverted sexual shit to them?”

“Um,,” Ivan meekly replied. He was the only gay one in the group of four.

“Oh, yeah. And they do stuff like edging, right, and sticking things up the dude’s asses?”

“Yes,” Ivan replied, his face turning a bright red.

“How much does it take to hire a guy who works there?” While Roger’s question was still aimed at Ivan, he was looking at Nicky. His family was nouveau riche, and he had money to spare.

“Um, pretty expensive.”

“But nothing I can’t handle!” Nicky added, with a grin.

“Then it’s settled. Contact the dude, Ivan.” The poor gay nerd couldn’t wait to escape this situation, and ran into one of the mirror walls before driving home.

“Hey, Roger, one question,” Jess piped in. “I’ve seen the female side of the site before, and the chicks are all tied up in some desolate area most of the time. Where do you plan on tying Brady up?”

“You know the basement has a deserted locker room, right? When the football team started getting good, the school invested in a gym with its own locker room. Not even the janitor cleans down there anymore. It’s perfect,” Roger responded, with a creepy grin. His friends were a bit worried, but went along with the plan for their friend.

As expected, getting Sebastian from was pretty fucking expensive. Nicky was able to afford it, but had to hold back on caviar for the next few months or so. He was introduced to the basement locker room, and set up hidden cameras that would livestream Brady’s torture. The only problem now was how to get Brady down there. The plan Roger and Sebastian decided on was to have Seb hide in Brady’s car.

The nerds put their plan into action the next day. Sebastian was hiding in the back seat of Brady’s car for most of the jock’s football practice, the car pointed out to him by Jess. As Brady sat down in the driver’s seat, sweaty and tired after practice, he felt a rag being shoved over his face. He thrashed and screamed, but no one was paying attention to him. Jess and Nicky had conveniently started a “nerd fight”, so no one noticed the jock getting abducted.

When Brady finally came to again, he realized that he still couldn’t see.

“What the fuck is going on here!?” he cried out.

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