Mistakes Were Made

“And that’s it for tonight!” Andre announced, cum still dripping from his chest. He reached up and turned off his webcam. It was another successful night, with him bringing in just under a thousand dollars in cash. He had been camming for a few months to pay the bills. He was all by himself. His mother was off on her own, but still in the picture. Andre’s dad was not, though. Until today, that is. Andre received a text before he went to take a shower. It was an unknown number.

Like most Millenials, he didn’t answer it right away. However, the message stood out to him. “Andre, I am your father.” It seemed like something out of Star Wars, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask this man a question. He had just the question to ask this person pretending to be his father.

“What was the name you picked out for me before you left?” Andre’s mom had told him this, and only him.

“Wilt,” the person texted back. Andre shed a single tear before replying.

“Why the fuck are you contacting me now? It’s been twenty fuckin’ years, Dad!”

“I’m sorry, son. I just wasn’t ready to be a father to you yet. But I’m ready now.”


“Can we meet up sometime soon?” Andre and his father, Dion, planned to meet at a coffee shop the next day. Andre then finally showered and went to bed. Getting the caked-on cum off was a little hard, but he didn’t mind. He was finally going to meet his birth father! He arrived early to the meeting, and was given an open-air table. The only other couple was literally across the room. He waited for some time, even past the time Dion was about to show up. Just when he decided it was time to leave, Dion finally showed up, and Andre was very glad that he decided to wait.

His father was an incredibly handsome man. He had shoulder-length dreadlocks and dark skin, much darker than Andre’s. He kept in very good shape it seemed, his clothes about to burst. Andre also got a glimpse of an impressive bubble butt, and the bulge in the front was a bit hard to miss too. “Sorry, son, I just arrived a couple days ago, and my stupid Uber driver didn’t know where the fuck he was going.”

“That’s okay, Dad,” Andre replied, with a smile.

“Not to mention that twink I slept with last night wanted some morning sex before leaving the hotel room.” Andre was taking a sip of some water, and almost choked when he heard his father’s statement. “Andre, son, are you alright?”

“Yeah, Dad, I’m okay,” he responded, once he regained his composure. “But, um, I didn’t know you were gay.”

“I didn’t know when I had you either, Andre. Maybe that’s part of the reason why I left.”

“Oh. I guess those stories of it running in the family are true too, because I’m gay.”

“That’s so awesome! When’d you come out?”

“Junior year of high school.”

“See, when I was growing up, the other gays at the school had to hide themselves. I sadly called them the f-word, until I realized I was one of them.”

“Oh, Dad, don’t beat yourself up over it.” And so began a lively conversation between father and son. It lasted throughout the meal and an hour after. Eventually, the restaurant had to kick them out. “Why don’t you come over and check out my place?” asked Andre.

“You have your own place?” Dion asked, in amazement.

“Yeah, it’s just a small one-bedroom townhouse, but it’s mine!”

“What about Felicia? Is she doing okay?”

“Yeah, she has a new man in her life, which means I have younger step-siblings. But she’s happy, so I’m happy.”

“I’d love to see your place then, Andre.”

“And Dad, you’re definitely welcome to stay with me. Save you a little money.”

“Sure, I’ll meet you at your house once I pack up all my stuff.” The two went their separate ways. Andre cleaned up at home, but there was really nothing he could do to hide the webcam. There was a whole bunch of intricate wiring to set up, and it was a bitch to do it the first time around. He really needed some cable control. Dion quickly got settled in on the couch, but to Andre’s dismay, noticed the camera. “What’s that for?” he asked.

“Oh, for, um, online classes.”

“And not to cam as AndreLyonXXX?” Andre didn’t even look like the star from Empire, but regardless, Dion shouldn’t have known about that. Not even Felicia knew he cammed!

“Uh, Dad, how the fuck do you know my cam name?”

“I thought my son was pretty smart! I’ve watched you, boy.” Andre gulped. It was out of every gay man’s wet dreams. Hot father returning back into your life, and is attracted to you? Sweet!

“So you’ve seen me naked before? Seen me cum?”

“Sure have, son. And I think your cock size is definitely something that’s inheritable.” Dion unzipped his pants and snaked out his monster cock. It was definitely a couple inches flaccid, and quite wide. Andre’s cock didn’t compare, but it was still above average.

“Um, does that mean what I think it means?”

“Yeah, boy. Come here and give your daddy a kiss.” Andre walked over to his father and felt his thick cock press into his thigh as he began to passionately make out with his father.

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