The Life of a Politician

for @grant-spiraltf​

Thierry Baudet was a Dutch politician. He led his own party, which held some pretty extremist views. One was that the white race was inferior to all other races. Of course, he couldn’t put something that brazen on his website or talk about in public, but his racism did rear its ugly head after an “incident” on a train. It was an “incident” because there was nothing wrong there. The women involved were the racist ones, and Baudet did nothing to help the Moroccan men involved in the whole debacle. He even stated, “I said nothing wrong, even though it didn’t happen, it COULD have happen,” in regards to the men doing something, even though they were very clearly employees of the train service.

That soured him in the minds of many Dutch people, including the Moroccan community in the Netherlands. One person in particular, Aladdin, wanted to get revenge on Thierry. In a nice bit of irony, the man with the name of the person who had his own genie had his own genie himself. This Aladdin didn’t contain the genie in a lamp, though, and the genie wasn’t blue. It was a dark tan color, much like the skin Aladdin had himself.

“Genie, I wish for Thierry Baudet to become a Moroccan man.”

“Your wish is my command.” And such a simple wording meant the spell couldn’t be warped that much, or even at all. The genie returned to its lamp, indicating that the spell had worked. In his office, Thierry was on the ground. He was surprisingly quiet, even though his body was in intense pain. Something was happening to him, but he didn’t know what. Nothing internally changed, but there were some obvious external changes that happened to Thierry once he was able to look into a mirror.

His skin had changed color. It was like he had gotten a permanent tan of some kind. However, he soon realized that he didn’t get an insta-tan. No, instead of being Theirry Baudet, he was now some man named Hakim Abdul-Jabar. He had also gotten a number of tattoos and a bigger cock, and his facial structure changed a bit. Overall, though, he had become the thing he hated the most in life.

In a nice twist on a reality change wish, only Thierry’s, now Hakim’s, reality changed. His secretary came into the room to find him missing and a Moroccan man standing in the middle of the room, naked. She quickly called the cops and had him arrested. Thierry was then announced missing, as he was not in his office or anywhere, it seemed. Nobody knew that he was actually the man who was being booked at the police station as they searched for the politician.

Since Hakim didn’t have any records, he was thrown into prison immediately, and was heavily guarded, as he was under suspicion. The politician turned Moroccan man lived out the rest of his life in prison, a fitting punishment for a racist politician like himself.
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