Who’s Really in Control?

Officer Smith walked into his therapist’s office’s waiting area. He was dressed in his cop uniform. His session was right after he got out of work, so there was no time to change. In fact, he kind of enjoyed sitting in the waiting area with his uniform. It showed that a real man could talk about his feelings as he beat your ass. A couple minutes later, Dr. Barnes opened the door. “You can come on in, Myron.” The imposing and tattooed cop walked through the door and into the office.

There was quite a juxtaposition there, of the beefy officer and the weak therapist. Dr. Barnes barely had any muscles to speak of, and his baggy suit didn’t do him any favors. Still, he was the one who sat behind the desk as Myron took a seat on the couch. “How has your week been?” Dr. Barnes asked.

“Pretty good. Made a couple of arrests, helped some children, all good things.”

“Perfect. So, do you feel ready to go back under again and work through some of that trauma?”

“Yep,” Myron replied, with a gulp. He had been sent to Dr. Barnes a few months ago after he shot somebody and killed him. His fellow officer and the internal review board both agreed that he was justified in taking the shot to kill. However, it haunted Myron. He and Dr. Barnes had worked through a number of techniques, but hypnotherapy seemed to work the best. He laid back as Dr. Barnes stood up and grabbed his pendulum.

He walked over to the cop laying on his couch, and started to swing the pendulum in front of him.

“10, you are starting to feel sleepy.

“9, your eyes are starting to feel heavy.

“8, you are falling under my control.

“7, your subconscious is opening up to me.

“6, your eyes are starting to close.

“5, you are falling deeper under my control.

“4, you are now asleep.

“3, I control you now.

“2, you remember what I have said when you were under.

“1, wake up and obey!” Myron’s eyes fluttered open. The counting down had changed over the past few sessions. At first, it was a normal countdown, bringing Myron deeper and deeper and delving deep into his subconscious. Dr. Barnes had easily figured out why Myron was harvesting so much guilt; he had a memory of his uncle being shot in front of him repressed. That actually did happen, but it was besides the point. Dr. Barnes hadn’t told him about the breakthrough because he was attracted to his client. He was a gay man, and a total submissive. The last few sessions had been about creating a new persona in Myron, one more dominant that would only come out when he was under.

Today was the litmus test to see if it had worked. “You! Get your fucking dirty mouth on my cock, you liitle fuckin’ cocksucker,” Myron seethed, as he unzipped his uniform and revealed his massive erect cock.

“Yes, sir,” Dr. Barnes replied. He dropped to his knees as Myron played with his cock a little bit.

“It’s not gonna fuckin’ suck itself, ya know!”

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