Paid Control

Gronk, being a big-name celebrity, was no stranger to endorsing products. He was usually more concerned about the cash than what he was shelling, so as long as his agent agreed to it, he would post a picture or video using it to his social media. Today he received a package from his agent like usual. It was a small box, and inside was a teeth whitening system.

“Put this in, grab a video game controller, and then take a picture. Post this caption where applicable.” Gronk read over the message, and took the device out of his box. It almost looked like a retainer, but much more high-tech. He didn’t recognize the brand name, but he had to have agreed to it sometime in the past. It needed to be plugged in, so Gronk pulled his coach closer to the screen as he set up the fake photoshoot.

Once he got a couple of good pictures, he was about to bend down and grab his phone when the device in his mouth start glowing.

Gronk said to himself. The instructions were pretty clear on what to do, and nothing indicated that the device should be glowing. Gronk went to take out the device, but found that he couldn’t move. He was stuck in that position. A soft and calming female voice then started talking. There was no other place it could come from but the device!

“Hello, Robert Gronkowski. Thank you for using our product. Right now, the muscle paralyzers you have been swallowing under the guise of ‘teeth whitening’ are starting to take effect. The drugs that are beginning to enter your system now will go directly to your brain. Soon enough, you’ll be a brain dead slave who only exists to follow orders.”

The voice disappeared, but the device remained on. “FUCK!” Gronk screamed to himself, internally. He didn’t want to become some brain dead slave, but he was powerless to resist. His agent wouldn’t think anything was amiss until tomorrow, and he didn’t plan to have any of his friends, teammates, or even brothers over. Slowly but surely, Gronk succumbed to the drugs. The device eventually fell out of his mouth when he lost control over his jaw muscles. By then, it didn’t matter. He was officially a brain dead slave.

A couple hours later, two beefy men dressed head to toe in black entered Gronk’s house. They stripped the ex-football player and threw him into the back of a truck. Gronk didn’t react at all to what was happening to him. Once the men arrived at the destination, Gronk was let out and untied. He followed orders for the first time, walking behind the two men into the facility. He was told to be seated in a chrome-plated room, and to await further orders.

A few minutes passed, and a woman in a form-fitting dress entered the room. When she spoke, Gronk would have realized that she was the same voice from the device, if he had the ability to remember what had happened to him at all. “I see my plan worked perfectly, like they always do. Gronk, do you know why you’re here?”

“No,” he responded. For a split second, he remembered how to speak, but could only say “yes” or “no”.

“I thought so. I run a very tight ship around here. I create these zany devices that celebrities like you promote. All of them have some kind of way to brainwash or hypnotize you and turn you into my mindless brain dead slaves. I have some plans for you, Robert, plans that will make me a lot of money. The scientists will be in a moment to start the process.” Gronk just stared mindlessly ahead. Since the woman didn’t ask him anything or want a response, he didn’t need to react.

Some time passed before a team of scientists entered the room with a bunch of different devices. Gronk heard them saying what they all did and where they should go, but it almost literally went in one ear and out the other. Eventually, it was all set up. Nothing physically happened to the ex-football star. However, his brain was now filled with new memories and desires, his entire personality being warped to the liking of the woman. The process lasted for awhile, and when it was done, Gronk immediately went to town on his erect cock.

The scientists didn’t even bat an eye as they dissembled the equipment. Gronk’s mind had been changed to that of a gay porn star’s, with a totally different history and everything. Thanks to her connections, and Gronk’s clout, he was able to star in a video the very next day. As reporters clamored for interviews, Gronk explained his new life and passion. Many fans were excited to see his cock and how his goofy persona translated to porn. The woman was very happy too, as Gronk saw no money or any other benefits from his cushy new gig. All of it went to her. Gronk wasn’t the only male celebrity in her arsenal, and he didn’t bring in the most cash either. However, he was definitely one of her favorites.
from Tumblr

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