Who Flexed First?

“I’m telling you, Han shot first,” said Dave. He was wearing the blue patterned pants with lines on them.

“No, Greedo shot first,” countered Rudy. He was wearing running shorts, about to take a jog when this conversation came up.

“No, you two are getting it all wrong. They both shot at the same time,” interjected Stephen. He was also wearing blue patterned pants, but with geometric shapes and a splash of red on them.

“Why in the world would Greedo shoot first?” Dave asked. As he asked the question, his shirt slowly began to change. The buttons disappeared, making it a polo instead of a button-down.

“Well, if Han shot first, that shows him as a scumbag who thinks violence is the best option,” Rudy explained. His t-shirt was getting tighter on him too, not as much as Dave’s shirt, though.

“But, like, that’s his whole character arc,” Stephen pointed out. “Space ruffian falls in love with a demure princess.” As he pointed out the tropes at play, Stephen’s shirt slowly changed as well. His was the tightest of the three, and the style changed from tee to compression in the span of a sentence.

“Yeah, but did Lucas actually plan that ahead of time? Fuck, look at the clusterfuck that the prequel trilogy.” Dave’s shirt was getting tighter still, and it too started to look like a compression tee. Pecs and abs were now visible through the shirt.

“I mean, like, the movies are kind of fun,” Rudy noted. His t-shirt had morphed into a compression tee as well, but he was not as fit as either man.

“Really, ‘I hate sand’? That’s the best line Lucas could, like, come up with?” Stephen was practically yelling at this point, and his pecs were able to burst out of his shirt as well. The compression tee was ridiculously tight.

“What, like, writing can be tough sometimes, dude,” Rudy said. As the other two men were talking, Rudy’s shirt had all but disappeared. It looked like he was wearing a muscle shirt, and admired his meaty biceps as Dave spoke up.

“You know, give the man some credit. He had to look at Hayden everyday. Who wouldn’t, like, be distracted by him?” Dave’s shirt had gone through something similar to Rudy’s, although it looked like he kept his in better shape. Dave was also enamoured by his bulging biceps, and also the meatiness of his pecs.

“You know, like, Lucas had, like, one hand on his cock as he was, like, writing it,” Steve said. Unlike his two friends, his shirt had disappeared, showing off his impressive body to the people at the park. He flexed his biceps as well, but also showed off the fact his pecs could bounce and that he had abs that protruded from his body.

“No fair, dude!” Dave said. The men were no longer arguing about Star Wars. Dave’s shirt had disappeared as well, but try as he might, he could not get his pecs to flex. However, he did have some nice abs, so he bent forward a bit and tried to show them off.

“I wish, like, I could get, like, as swole like you two!” Rudy was definitely the weakest out of the three friends now. He did have some muscles, especially in his arms, but his pecs and abs paled in comparison to his bros.

“Bro, like, look at that hot bro other there, bro,” Steve said. He pointed in the direction of a conventionally attractive man walking around with his iPhone and a ring light attachment. He didn’t need it in the middle of the day, but the three bros didn’t mind or even care.

“Like, he’s really fuckin’ hot, man,” noted Dave.

“Yeah, like, I bet he wants to, like, fuck one of us!” Rudy said.

“Let’s, like, do some, like, poses for, like, him!” Steve said. “Show off, like, our bodies!” The three bros struck the pose they did in the photo.

The cameraman walked over to them and introduced himself.

“Hi, my name’s Garrett.”

“My name’s, like, Dave.”



“Cool, cool. Has anyone ever told you guys that you’re fucking hot?”

“Yeah,” all three said, striking another pose.

“Do you want to take this back to my place?” Garrett asked, pulling up his shirt a little bit and revealing his toned abs.

“Like, fuck yeah we would!” Steve said.

“Perfect. Follow me.” As the three dumb jocks mindlessly followed Garrett, and got a good look at his bubble butt, they didn’t notice him smirking. It had taken some time, and a lot of scouting, but he knew that Rudy and his two friends would walk through the cloud of himbo powder at the exact time Garrett released it into the air with a drone above them. Yeah, there would be some residual himbo powder floating through the air, but not enough to create the dramatic changes seen in the “bros”. Garrett had a bunch of fun with the three dumb jocks completely under his control.

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