Lost in the Smell

Owen walked into the locker room at the college gym. It was bright and colorful, unlike some of the locker rooms at the gyms in town. Owen didn’t really give a shit what the inside looked like. He was just there for the jockstraps. Like most gay men, he had a desire to sniff a man’s dirty jockstrap, and get lost in his scent. Thanks to the gym being open to all students, Owen got his chance. However, unlike in porn or many fantasies, a jockstrap wasn’t just lying around, ready to be picked up and brought to Owen’s nose.

He awkwardly circled the locker room a couple times, always carrying his gym bag with him and pretending to forget where his locker was. Eventually, he would “find” it, and go work out. He had been staking out the gym for a few months now, and all the men were surprisingly cleanly. Not even a dirty towel was left on the ground. Until one day, the day that Owen had been waiting for for some time.

The locker room was pretty much empty, and there, on one of the benches, was a jockstrap. Owen could tell it was used, with light piss stains in the front. He made sure no one was around as he walked over to it and picked it up. It was still slightly wet, which made Owen a little wet as well. He brought it to his nose and breathed in the scents deeply. There was a light aroma of piss in the air, but it was mostly sweat and cock smell all rolled into one.

Owen sat down and put his hand down his pants. He wasn’t going to jerk off for too long, but wanted to savor the experience of doing this in real life for as long as he could. Unfortunately, he got a bit carried away with himself. He heard two men walk into the locker room.

“Man, what did I tell ya?”

“Yeah, fuckin’ freeballing was awesome! All the chicks, and a few guys, were staring at my cock as it flopped around!”

“I can’t believe we even got the-” Before the dude could finish his statement, the two men looked at the sight in front of them. Owen was standing there, jockstrap in one hand and cum leaking from the other one.

“Oi!” screamed the freeballing jock. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing with my jockstrap?”

“He’s just another one of those faggots, Jimmy, one of those who gets off on sniffing rank jockstraps.”

“Damn right he is, Evan! Let’s show him who’s in charge around here!” Jimmy and Evan ran at poor Owen. While Owen’s workouts while scouting jockstraps was building up some muscle, he was no match for the pair of two muscled studs. Jimmy took his jockstrap out of Owen’s hand before forcing him to his knees. Evan pulled down his gym shorts, revealing that he was still wearing a jockstrap.

Both men screamed at Owen. He had to admit, even though he really didn’t like being dominated, sniffing the jockstrap while it was still on another man’s body was on his bucket list. Jimmy happened to notice the result. “Evan, look at this fuckin’ fag! Getting hard sniffing your dirty jockstrap!”

“I think we need to teach this bitch a lesson, Jimmy. Make sure he never sniffs another man’s dirty jockstrap ever again.”

“What are you thinking, Evan?” Jimmy knew exactly what his best friend was thinking, though.

“I think this fag needs to get spit roasted, isn’t that right, Jimmy?”

“Yeah, I think you’re right.” Owen had no say in the matter as Jimmy pushed him onto his hands and knees. Evan pulled his jockstrap down as well and shoved his cock into Owen’s mouth. Owen went on autopilot, sucking away at the cock inside of his mouth. Jimmy tore open Owen’s gym pants and exposed his tight and hairy asshole. Jimmy spit on his cock a couple times and rubbed it all over before penetrating Owen.

Owen’s eyes opened wide as he was fucked up the ass, but he was used to being the bottom. He had never taken it from both ends at the same time, though. Both Jimmy and Evan were straight and didn’t want to fuck a dude for much longer than they had to. Evan came first, minutes after he started, cumming in a man’s mouth for the first time.

“How does that taste, you fuckin’ fag?” It did taste pretty good to Owen, who wasn’t sure why Evan didn’t pull out and cover his face in his seed. Jimmy came in his ass, and that was a bit more humiliating, with cum and ass juices leaking out of his hole after Jimmy pulled out. By now, a small crowd of students had formed around Owen, Evan, and Jimmy.

“This fag right here likes sniffing dirty jockstraps. I don’t think he’ll be doing it any more,” Jimmy said, with a triumphant smile on his face. He was right, but with one small exception. If Owen found another dirty jockstrap, he would take it home and sniff it there.
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