The Scent of His Daddy

“Another three months!?” Troy said out loud. He was scrolling through Twitter when an alert popped up, stating the stay-at-home orders for his state were extended for another three months. “Fuck.” Troy didn’t want to live like this for another three months. He desperately wanted to move out, but he couldn’t. All of this was because of his father and who he was like, or more accurately, who he liked.

Quentin had been happily married to Troy’s mom for some time. However, he was harboring a secret for the entire time: he was actually gay. He never liked to have sex with his wife, and having Troy was actually a bit of a fluke. When the two naturally divorced, Troy went to live with his mother. However, she had died about a year ago, so Troy moved into his father’s house. He tried not to be in it as much as possible, but now, there was absolutely nothing he could do.

One thing Troy hated about his father, besides the fact that he was gay, was that he enjoyed the scent of a real man, breathing in their musk and their sweat. Troy took showers nightly, while more than a month had passed since Quentin last stepped into the shower or even put on some deodorant. The smell was palatable when he was in his bedroom, but whenever he needed to go to the bathroom or eat, the scent hit him. Troy tried to explain to his father why he needed to shower, but neither man was going anywhere, and not getting rid of his odor actually saved on the water bill and the cost of deodorant.

He had had enough, though. He could barely get through a meal without gagging, and the smell was starting to creep into his room. One night, while Quentin was fast asleep, his son applied a copious amount of deodorant underneath his arms. His father didn’t wake up, and Troy went back to bed like nothing was wrong. He didn’t even wake Troy up the next morning, so he knew he had gotten through to his father. As he walked into the living room, though, his thoughts changed.

Quentin was glaring at his son. “Troy, do you know why my pits smell like a forest instead of like a man?”

“Uh, is it because you used deodorant last night?”

“I’ve fuckin’ told you again and again, Troy, I don’t use that stuff on my body! You need to be punished.”

“Dad, I’m fuckin’ 22, and any sane man would want you to use deodorant.”

“Well, maybe I’m not a sane man.” Quentin got up and walked over to his son. Troy wasn’t expecting his father to grab him by the hair and pull him over to the rocking chair. He pushed his son to the ground, so that he was level with his tighty-whities. Quentin was already shirtless, and so was Troy. Troy tried to fight back, but his dad pushed him forward and into his crotch.

“Yeah, sniff my stinky crotch, son. Force yourself to smell a real man!” Quentin said. Troy murmured as his mouth was pressed up against his dad’s musky crotch. He absolutely hated the smell, or so he thought. The more and more he smelled it very up close and personal, the more he liked it. It wasn’t turning him on just yet, his dick wasn’t getting hard, but now he didn’t absolutely hate it. Quentin then let go of the back of his son’s head, and surprisingly, Troy didn’t pull away.

“Oh, does my boy like the smell of a real man’s crotch?” Quentin asked. He was genuinely surprised by his son’s reaction.

“Yeah, daddy. Can I, um, sniff the real thing?” Troy had been so sex-starved that he was willing to sniff another man’s cock, his own father’s even, just so he could get his rocks off. Quentin had been dreaming about this day ever since his son came of age, so he immediately pulled down his underwear and freed his cock. It wasn’t a monster cock, but it was certainly above average, and Troy soon learned that it had a distinct scent, different from smelling it through the underwear.

Quentin didn’t even need to control his son as Troy explored all around his cock, going up and down the base and his balls, sniffing and breathing in man musk the entire time. As Troy did that, he found himself getting hard for the first time. He knew that he wasn’t actually gay, or even bi. But if this situation allowed him to sex for the first time in god knows how long, he would take it. Quentin noticed it too, his son’s cock tenting his underwear.

“Does my boy like Daddy’s cock?” Quentin asked. “Does he want to taste the real thing?”

“Yes, daddy, I do.” Troy couldn’t believe those words were actually coming out of his mouth. He couldn’t believe that he was taking another man’s cock in his hand, his own father’s, and was stroking it off. He did hesitate when it came time to put his mouth on another man’s cock.

“It’s okay, my baby boy. Daddy will be nice and gentle the first time.” Troy gulped as he opened his mouth wide and put his daddy’s cock inside of it. As he closed his mouth around the cock, it wasn’t so bad. In fact, the cock did kinda taste pretty good! Quentin helped guide his son in sucking him off. There were some teeth involved and a fair amount of gagging, but overall, both of them found it to be a pleasurable experience.

Quentin didn’t cum in Troy’s mouth, though. He would be saving that for the next part, if Troy was up for it. “Boy, I want you to give me a rimjob. Lick and sniff around my hairy hole, and then if you’re up for it, Daddy wants to fuck you.”

“Uh, okay,” Troy said, after only a second’s hesitation. He had already sucked his daddy off and tasted a little bit of his pre-cum; getting fucked by him was naturally the next step. Quentin got down from the chair and got on all fours. Troy spread his daddy’s hairy cheeks wide open and exposed Quentin’s hole. It was pink and used, Troy’s tongue easily able to dart inside and lick a little bit. Troy was a bit turned on by his daddy’s moans throughout the whole ordeal. He was also turned on by the different scents of the asshole, combined with the normal man musk and sweat. He had taken off his underwear as his dad hopped to the ground, and now it was his turn to be leaking pre-cum.

After a few minutes, the two of them traded places. Quentin went and grabbed some lube from his bedroom before coming back and getting ready to penetrate his son. It was Troy’s turn to moan as his asshole was widened and exposed to its first cock. The moans of his boy turned Quentin on even more, but he continued to fuck Troy sensually and slowly, wanting it to be a pleasurable experience for him. The fucking continued for a few minutes, with both men moaning and groaning. Eventually, Quentin spoke a full sentence.

“Do you want Daddy to cum in your hole?”

“Yes, daddy, I do!” Like before, Troy thought the statement coming out of his mouth was incredulous, but he had to admit, it feel so fuckin’ good feeling his dad’s cum inside of him. Quentin pumped out a big load into his son, and after he pulled out, he watched it drip out and onto the carpet. It would be a bitch to clean, but it was worth it. Troy’s cumshot was easier to clean up, as it only landed on his chest. It was helped along by Troy sniffing his daddy’s musky body.

The two of them went to wash up, in separate bathrooms. Both of them were shocked by what just happened, but for very different reasons. Quentin was excited that his son finally realized what a true man was, and the pleasures of gay sex. Troy was still in shock that he was turned on by all of that gay stuff, especially with his fuckin’ father! But they would have at minimum three more months together, and probably even more. Troy knew he couldn’t go without sex for that long, and if it needed to be with his father, so be it!

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