VR Milking

(Artwork done by the amazing @sovelky)

Travis read over the ad that had popped up on his screen. “Having trouble hitting it off with a guy? Want the experience of a dude sucking you off without any of the hassle? Then come to the VR Erotic House, where once you are plugged in, all your fantasies become your realities!” He was intrigued, and clicked on the ad. He knew he probably shouldn’t have, but he had good ad blockers installed, just in case. Nothing did happen to his computer as the website for the VR Erotic House appeared.

It looked to be a normal website, albeit for a strange business. There were testimonials and rates, and even a 15 second preview of what Travis might experience! What really sealed the deal for him was that it was in his city, less than a ten-minute drive away. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the business, there were no walk-ins. Travis had to make an appointment, and he anxiously awaited the five days until he was finally able to walk inside the VR Erotic House.

To his surprise, when he arrived at the address, it was quite literally a house, on top of a hill. True, it was much bigger than most suburban homes, but Travis didn’t expect it to be so literal. He drove up the driveway, parked, and entered the house through the front door. It all felt so odd, especially when he was greeted by a receptionist’s desk in what he assumed used to be the foyer. “Name?” the perky blonde receptionist asked.

“Travis, Travis Barnes,” he said.

“Ah, yes, here you are. They’ll be coming in shortly to bring you to your room. Please have a seat.” Travis did so and scrolled through social media for a few minutes before a man walked through another door in the room. He was quite the attractive man, wearing a shirt and pants that left nothing to the imagination.

“Travis?” he asked, even though Travis was the only other person in the room.

“Yeah, that’s me.” He followed the hunky employee down the hallway behind the door, admiring his ass the entire time. Both of them walked into the closest empty room. It honestly looked like a bedroom to Travis, with white walls and wooden floors, like at his mom and dad’s old place. The only furniture in the room, though, was a small table with the VR device on it and a comfy chair for him to sit in.

“Please, have a seat while we get set up,” he said. Travis got a rush out of following his orders, and sat down. The device was then placed upon his head and calibrated. “Once I leave, the device will turn on. You can control the scenario by tilting your head or pushing a button, if the app allows for it. There are no cameras in the room, although audio is picked up in case of a medical emergency. We all hope you enjoy your time here at the VR Erotic House!” Travis smiled as he heard the man walk out of the room.

Then the darkness went away and a bunch of different options appeared on the screen. There were a number of different positions he could be in, the top, bottom, dom, sub, or even a cuckold, stroking his virtual cock! He decided on a milking scenario, picking a big black cock. He wanted to see what that was like. The screen flickered and changed. Travis looked to be in a room similar to the one he was in now, but when he looked down, he had a tattooed muscular body. He also had a monster black cock, which was being stroked by a hand attached to nothing.

It did look and feel a bit weird at first, but as the actor being recorded moaned and groaned, Travis did the same not too long afterwards. He soon took his real-life cock out from his pants and started stroking it as well. He tried to time his motions to what the hand in the video did to “his” big black cock. The scenario was definitely fun while it lasted, but the dude in the video wasn’t edged forever, and he eventually blew his load. Travis held off on that, wanting to experience something else.

This time, he picked someone sucking him off. To his surprise, there were a number of different options available. There were a number of gay porn stars, but also some straight celebrities, like Chris Evans. Travis knew it would probably be more realistic if he picked a porn star, and so just a few seconds later, Zeb Atlas appeared in front of him and began sucking him off. As Travis enjoyed the virtual blowjob, he noticed something a bit off about the video this time. The quality was excellent, almost life-like.

The audio was a bit weird, though.

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