Prison Punishment

With all the evidence coming out that solitary confinement was one of the worst things you could do to a human being, the prisons needed to find another way to punish their prisoners. The wardens and the guards talked about it for quite some time, until one guard spoke up. He was a timid and quiet guard, but he made an excellent point. “Why don’t we punish the men by making them a hole for the other men to use? They’re all so fuckin’ horny, and I know most of the men are straight, but a hole is a hole, especially in this circumstance.”

It was a bit shocking, but as the guards and wardens thought about it more, it made sense. They decided to put it into action a few days later. Of course, they actually didn’t tell any of the prisoners about the change; they wanted to see what would happen without that knowledge. As Ron punched another prisoner in the face in the yard, he knew that he would be sent to solitary. He actually liked being alone, as none of the other guys could pick on him. While he had a leanly muscular build, it was no match for some of the other prisoners.

The guards broke up the scuffle, and after figuring out Ron instigated it, they took him back inside. However, Ron quickly realized that they were not making their way to the SHU, as they called it. “Hey, what the fuck is going on?” he asked.

“Shut up, prisoner!” barked one of the guards. “And if you must know, we’re trying out a new form of punishment.” Ron was pushed into a different cell, not the one he usually slept in. The cells around him were empty, this being a wing that was rarely used. The guards stood by the door, and seconds later, an announcement came crackling over the intercom system.

“Men, we are testing out a new system of punishment. Prisoner 24601, Ronald Chesterfeld, is in Cell Block E. His holes are open for your pleasure. Guards will be stationed around the cell block, so don’t get any ideas, men.” As soon as the message ended, a number of men quickly made their way to Cell Block E. Ron, on the other hand, was shocked by what he just heard. He didn’t agree to this! He wanted out! Unfortunately, one of the guards with a taser in hand forced him to stay in the cell as the first prisoner to fuck him entered.

Ron only vaguely recognized the man from around the prison, but he took no time in ripping Ron’s clothes off and fucking him senseless. Of course, Ron had never taken another man’s dick up his ass before, but the prisoner actually enjoyed his crying out in pain. It made him even harder, and the resulting cumshot was even bigger. As he pulled out, his cum still leaking from Ron’s hole, one of the guards tossed a Sharpie into the cell.

“Mark him. Show the others how many loads he’s taken.” The prisoner smirked as he uncapped the Sharpie and made one tally mark on Ron’s pec. The leanly muscular prisoner was in no state to fight back. He didn’t expect a steady stream of men to enter his new prison cell and fuck him. A few even forced him to suck on their cocks! All of them came in his holes, and each and every one of them put a tally mark on Ron’s pec. As the eighteenth prisoner walked in, Ron knew he was even more fucked.

Alejandro Castillo was the “head” of the prisoners, so to speak. He controlled all gang factions, what contraband was smuggled in, and even had a say in selecting new guards. However, when Ron was a new prisoner, he accidentally snitched on Alejandro to the wrong person and got him sent to the SHU. Alejandro entered the cell, his muscular and tatted body on full display.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t that fuckin’ bitch Ronald Chesterfeld. I haven’t forgotten what you’ve done to me. And now that the same can’t be done to you, you’re going to fuckin’ pay, bitch!” Alejandro smirked at the man in front of him, weak from having been fucked seventeen times before, didn’t resist, and he even had a black eye from a prisoner who punched him when he used teeth. Ron barely even put up a fight as Alejandro pushed him to his hands and knees and snaked his cock out of his pants.

He then pushed his cock into Ron’s hole, the copious amounts of cum there providing a good amount of lube for Alejandro’s impressive cock. He grabbed Ron by the neck as he really picked up the intensity of his fucking.

(Artwork by the magnificent @robbycop​)

“Yeah, do you like my big fat juicy cock in your hole, boy? Do you like me fucking you senseless, turning you into more of a bitch than you already are? I know you do, bitch. I know you love my cock in your hole. Payback is a sweet thing, you fuckin’ annoying bitch!” Alejandro punctuated the last three words with his own cumshot in Ron’s ass. It was one of the biggest yet, Alejandro pumping out his load for a solid twenty seconds. And he was the first one to force Ron to lick his cock clean, eating a mixture of quite a few other prisoners’ cum and his own ass juices. He slyly grinned as he put the third tally mark in the fourth group. “I’ll be back,” he warned. “I really like this new style of punishment,” he announced to the guards as he exited. “Some bitches need to get fucked.”
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