Coach’s Punishment

Brad and Darryl were goofing around in the locker room after practice. They were the co-captains of the football team, and so had to stay behind until every other player left. They didn’t need to actually watch the players, though, so they had fun slapping each other with towels or pranking their teammates. Today, they were just waiting for one last player to get out of the shower. As they tossed the football around in the locker wall, it hit the wall. Now, the walls weren’t brittle or anything, but both men were shocked when they heard something shattering.

Brad and Darryl looked at each other, both thinking that they didn’t do it. Darryl was the closer one, and he investigated what had happened. Apparently, the football had hit the wall in just the right place that a secret camera was exposed. It was the lens that had shattered and was broken all over the locker room floor. Brad was about to go to the coach’s office, when Coach Thomas came out screaming. “What the fuck happened?” he screamed. It was then he realized who was still in the locker room.

“Uh, Coach, I accidentally missed a football and broke some camera embedded in the wall,” explained Darryl.

“Oh my fucking god!” exclaimed Brad. “How are you so fuckin’ dumb, Darryl! It was your camera, Coach, wasn’t it? You were filming us in the locker room, naked and sweaty so that you could jerk off to it later, isn’t that right?”

“Uh, no, Brad, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Well, Coach, then why’d you come screaming in the locker room?” questioned Darryl, showing some smarts.

“Fine, fine!” Coach admitted. “It was my camera! Yeah, I’ve been secretly recording you guys, and the football team for the past six years now. I thought I was careful enough to hide the camera next to some black paint where it could blend it. I would have never expected that a bad throw would be my downfall.”

“Coach Thomas, that means you’re in some serious trouble if this gets out,” noted Brad. “But Darryl and I have a little proposition for you.”

“We do?”

“Shut the fuck up, Darryl! Yeah, both of our girls haven’t been putting out recently. If you agree to be our bitch for the rest of the school year, and not to record any more men, then we won’t tell anybody about this.”

“Deal,” Coach Thomas said, without hesitation.

“But I don’t want some fag sucking me off,” complained Darryl.

“Oh dear god, Darryl, just enjoy the free blowjobs and fuck sessions while we have them! Our gay coach here is probably much better at sucking dick than some farm girl!”

“You do have a point,” Darryl said. He took off his jockstrap, the only clothes he was wearing. However, he wasn’t going to put his dick in Coach’s mouth first. That honor went to Brad, who didn’t take his jockstrap off yet. He only pushed it to the side, revealing his sizable cock. He then flipped his cap backwards before putting a hand on the top of Coach Thomas’ head. Darryl did the same, and used his other hand to hold Coach’s own hand behind his back. Coach Thomas didn’t want to escape, though.

As his mouth was pushed down on Brad’s cock and he began to gag, neither football player released him as Brad taunted, “This is your punishment, Coach, for secretly recording us in here.” Admittedly, the dirty talk could use some work, but both men enjoyed the sight of their coach sputtering for air after being forced to choke on one of his player’s cocks. Coach Thomas went down on Brad’s cock a couple more times before switching over to Darryl.

Darryl thought Coach did a damn good job, and like Brad said, he was much better than many of the chicks that gave him head. Coach Thomas made sure to keep both players hard at all times, and once they began leaking pre-cum, he pulled his mouth away from Brad’s cock. “It’s time to fuck that hole of yours, Coach.” Coach Thomas turned around and exposed his hole to his players. Surrounded by a ring of red ass hair was a loose and sloppy hole. “Darryl, what do you say about DP’ing our coach?”

“Sticking my dick in another dude’s hole as another man has his dick in there as well? Gross!”

“Fuckin’ hell, Darryl, you’re taking all the fun out of this! Coach needs to get fuckin’ punished, you hear me! Having two dicks up his hole will be punishment enough. I’m not fuckin’ gay either!”

“Fine, fine, Brad! But you have to promise me you’ll never speak of this to anyone.”

“Deal. And we know Coach Thomas is going to be quiet, isn’t that right?”

“Yes,” he said, with a big gulp. Despite his loose hole, he had never actually been DP’ed before. He waited in position on all fours as Brad and Darryl spit on their cocks. There was no lube around, and definitely no condoms, but neither man minded going in bareback. It was definitely weird for the two football players to be sharing the same hole and fucking it at the same time, but they continued to do so even as Coach moaned and groaned.

Coach Thomas was loving it, his hole gaping even wider as two of his players fucked his ass. Unfortunately, the two of them didn’t last long at all, wanting to get it over with quickly. However, both of them came in Coach’s ass, and his hole was soon filled with the seed of his players. Brad pulled out first. “See, dude, that wasn’t that bad!”

“No, I guess not. It’ll be fun having Coach as our little bitch for the rest of the school year!”

“Damn right it will!” After the three got cleaned up, Brad and Darryl made sure Coach Thomas deleted all the footage he had recorded over the years, all the tapes and back-ups as well. They decided to announce what Coach had done at the end of the school year. The two of them wanted to have some fun with him by themselves, and there would be less legal issues involved with only the three of them. For example, being the only bottom in a gangbang was much easier when you weren’t a coach at a prestigious college.

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