Daddy’s Musk

“FUUUUCK!” I moaned, as I breathed in the scent of my daddy’s jockstrap deeply. He wore the same jockstrap for over a week before finally putting it in the dirty clothes bin. I was in charge of the laundry, and while the load was spinning in the washer, I took the time to sniff my daddy’s jockstrap and breathe in its scents. It reeked of piss, cum, sweat, and daddy. I don’t really know how to describe the last scent. There’s just something about daddy’s musk that’s so fuckin’ intoxicating!

Daddy doesn’t know I like sniffing his jockstraps or any of his other clothes. I also don’t think he’s caught me breathing more deeply when he sits on the couch in just his underwear after a long and sweaty day at work. I live alone with daddy in the house he and Mom bought when they were together. The two separated when I was young. Mom used to say they separated because of arguments and money problems, but as I grew older, I learned the real reason why: my daddy liked men.

He never admitted to me he was gay, or even bi, but I began to notice the small things, like a recurring purchase on his credit card from MindGeek, the Pornhub company, or him really getting into a movie like Call Me By Your Name. I had come out to him in a roundabout way, when he caught me in bed with a dude I was fucking. He kicked him out, not because I was gay, but because he snuck into the house.

But now I think Daddy’s on to me. It started about a week ago, when daddy was scrolling through his phone. He then turned the TV on and downloaded the Pornhub app to our TV! I was a bit shocked at the brazen nature of what he was doing, and had to put a pillow in front of my cock to hide my increasing erection. When he searched for a video, I realized he was on the gay side of Pornhub. I watched as he made his way to a video entitled “Hot Son Sniffs DILF’s Pits Before Getting Fucked By Him”. Daddy clicked play and started to rub his cock through the jockstrap as the scene started. I had to excuse myself, awkwardly making sure he couldn’t see my massive and throbbing erection. Daddy was definitely on to me.

We didn’t talk about that for the rest of the week, but instead of watching TV shows or movies on our TV, Dad kept watching porn, hot gay incest porn, usually with a scent component to it. I had to excuse myself every single time, and I swear one day I started leaking so fast I left a small stain on the couch! It was Sunday, when daddy had the day off, that my suspicions were proven correct. I woke up to the erotic scent of one of daddy’s jockstraps. As I breathed in the scents deeply, I realized that I would never take a jockstrap to bed to me.

Daddy was in my room when I looked around, wondering if he had planted it.

“Just as I expected, Timothy. I knew you liked my musk.” I gulped. I didn’t know how to respond. “Do you want to sniff the real thing, up close and personal?” I didn’t know what I was doing, but I got out of bed, with a throbbing erection, and made my way to daddy, standing by my dresser. He lifted his arm and I pushed my face into his pit, breathing in his musk directly from the source.

Daddy even put his hand behind my head and pushed me deeper into his pit as I stuck out my tongue and tasted daddy as well. The combination of tasting and smelling daddy caused my cock to leak some pre-cum, and that did not go unnoticed by daddy. “Do you like this, boy? Do you like being up close and personal to your daddy’s scents?”

“FUCK YES,” I moaned, and then went in for another taste.

“That’s right, boy, breathe in daddy’s musk. You love inhaling daddy’s musk, turning you on so fuckin’ much. Isn’t that right, boy?”

“Fuck yeah, daddy, I fuckin’ love your musk!”

“Then I’ll bet you’ll love breathing in daddy’s musk as he fucks your hole,” Daddy sultrily said.

“FUCK YEAH!” I screamed, and I came right then and there. Both daddy and I were shocked by the ropes of cum spurting from my cock, but if just breathing in daddy’s musk and him talking dirty to me did this, then sex would be so much better! He lifted me up and tossed me onto my bed as he got me into position. It was a bit more awkward, making sure my ass was exposed and ready as well as me having access to daddy’s pits, but we did it, and daddy started fucking me bareback.

As I breathed in daddy’s musk directly from the source, he plowed my hole. He was able to go in balls-deep with no issues, and I love feeling the entirety of daddy’s dick inside of me. His rough and intense fucks caused him to get even more sweaty and musky, helping to turn me on even more. My refractory period passed the fastest I had ever seen before, and it wasn’t long before my dick was rock hard again as I breathed in daddy’s musk as he fucked my hole.

He only lasted a few more minutes before he finally came. He didn’t announce it, but I knew what was happening as I felt his warm seed fill my hole. He pumped load after load of cum into my hole, and of course some of it leaked out when he pulled out. He had me eat some of his cum off of his finger, and then even helped me cum again! My load was smaller the second time around, but I would have never expected daddy to do that to me!

“Tim, I’ll be busy for the rest of the day, but after dinner, I expect you in my bed and ready,” Daddy said as he grabbed his jockstrap and left my room. I couldn’t fuckin’ wait to see what he would do to me!

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