Under His Son’s Control

(Render done by the incredible @sovelky)

Living together while under quarantine was fucking tough! Devin had decided to move in with his dad, Bertram, before the quarantine hit and he wouldn’t be able to see him for god knows how long. Devin and Bertram were the only family members close by; all the rest lived on the other coast, and Devin’s mom had died a few years ago. At first, living together was good, and actually a bit fun. Devin had the spare bedroom all to himself, and he enjoyed watching sports with his dad, until they stopped playing as well.

They still entertained themselves with board and card games, and kept themselves busy, both having jobs that could be done at home. But as Devin soon learned, there were some flaws to living with his dad. First off, Bertram did not know how to clean around the house. Devin remembered his mother and how much she loved to clean. While Devin hated having to do the dishes and take out the trash, he didn’t mind doing his dad’s laundry. Bertram loved wearing his boxers for a few days before noting they “stunk”.

Devin cherished that smell, and usually jerked off to it before throwing it in the wash with the rest of his clothes. It was no secret that Devin was gay, but Bertram of course didn’t know that Devin was crushing on him. Bertram was straight, and had taken on going on cyber dates with women, hoping to meet up in real life once quarantine ended. He also engaged in cyber sex, and he was very vocal while he did so. Bertram never realized that in the next room, his son was furiously jerking his cock, silently, getting turned on by his dad moaning and groaning.

Bertram’s cyber sex kept Devin at bay for a few weeks, but he was a horny gay young adult, and he really needed a hole to fuck. Bertram was the only choice, but he would have never have gay sex with his own son! So, Devin turned to hypnosis to get what he wanted. Every day for a few weeks, after finishing his work for the day, he practiced hypnosis. It was a bit difficult to practice on other people, the only other person in the house being the one he wanted the hypnosis to stick for! However, after he got very good at hypnotizing people over the phone, he knew that his father would be easier to hypnotize.

Devin prepared to hypnotize his father one night a couple months into the quarantine. He got his pocket watch ready, which had been handed down to him from his grandfather. He also had his phone ready with him, his good friend Chase just a speed dial away. Chase was also gay, and he had gotten out of Devin the true reason for practicing hypnosis: having sex with his own fucking father! In return for keeping it secret, and not having them arrested for incest, Devin would call Chase while the hypnosis was going on, and Chase would have his own little cyber sex session, knowing that the sounds he was hearing was of a father and son fucking. After his phone was safely tucked away in his pocket, he walked downstairs, shirtless.

He and Bertram usually walked around the house half-naked, sometimes even in their underwear! It was just the two guys, so Bertram didn’t think anything was amiss when Devin walked in. However, he did notice his father’s pocket watch in Devin’s hand. “What do you have that for?” he asked, putting his phone down.

“Oh, I’ve been practicing hypnosis to keep me busy while we’re stuck inside. Would you like to go under?”

“Huh, I guess it wouldn’t hurt. Seems like fun!”

“Great!” Devin stood by the side of his father and held the pocket watch by its chain now. “Dad, keep your eyes on the watch. Watch as it goes back and forth, up and down. As you keep your eyes on the watch, also focus on my voice. Just focus on the watch and my voice. Nothing else matters right now except focusing on the watch and on my voice. As you continue to watch and listen, you will find yourself falling deeper and deeper under my control. Every time the watch hits its crest, you will fall deeper and deeper under my control. Tell me when you are under my complete control, Dad.”

Bertram watched as the pocket watch continued to be swung back and forth. He did fall deeper and deeper every time it crested. Devin took out his phone, which was a bit difficult with only one hand, and called up Chase. Chase heard some silence on the other end of the line, the only sounds being the men breathing in the room. Finally, Bertram’s deep and husky voice announced, “I am under your complete control, Devin.”

“Wow, dude, that’s fucking awesome!”

“I know!” Devin said, softly. Then, loud enough so that Bertram could hear him, “Dad, I want you to take off all of your clothes and kneel in front of me.”

“Yes, Devin, I will do what you command.”

“Sweet!” interjected Chase, as he imagined Devin’s hunky father taking off his clothes and stripping for Devin. Bertram was done quicker than Chase had imagined, as Bertram was only wearing boxers. Devin was still swinging the pocket watch as Bertram was on his knees.

“Dad, from now until the quarantine is lifted, you will be gay. You will love sucking cock and getting fucked up the ass. In addition to now being gay, you will not find it wrong or immoral to have sex with your son. In fact, you will love sucking on your son’s cock or getting fucked up the ass by him. Do you understand all of this, Dad?”

“Yes, Devin, I understand. I am gay and want to get fucked by you.”

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