I.O.U.: My Son

(Edit done by the incredible @hypnojocks​)

Kenny had a gambling problem. He had had it ever since he could step foot in a casino. It had caused his marriage to break up and many friendships to become strained as well. Kenny’s son, Tyrone, was always there for him, but Kenny’s problem was getting worse and worse. One night, Kenny decided to go to a high-stakes game of poker. He could afford the high buy-in, thanks to some luck yesterday. However, when he entered, he realized what deep shit he was in.

First, there were Russian mafia goons stationed all over the place. Secondly, there were at least two players around the table that played poker professionally. Kenny decided to turn around and leave, taking his money with him. “Nyet,” said one of the beefy Russian goons as they blocked his path. Kenny gulped as he turned around and took a seat at the table. As the game progressed, he was steadily losing. However, it turned around for him a few hands in, and Kenny was on a roll!

The other men didn’t like that, so with some cheating on their end, Kenny was back on a losing streak. It didn’t help that he had started it after cockily betting most of his chips and losing most of his money. As the game progressed, he went deeper and deeper into a hole. Eventually, he had to start writing up I.O.U.’s. Kenny eventually lost, and was kicked out of the game. Thankfully, Kenny was in his right mind and didn’t bet his house, or car, or anything like that. Instead, he had bet Tyrone. As one of the men escorted him out of the room, he whispered to Kenny, “We will collect on it. Directions to come shortly.”

As Kenny drove home, he wondered how he would explain this to Tyrone. He had fuckin’ sold him to pay for some of his gambling debts! He decided not to tell his son, and cross that bridge when they got to it. He did have to explain his lack of money, and once again, Tyrone dipped into his savings to help his father out. He was actually a bit excited when Kenny didn’t seem to be going out and gambling. Yes, Tyrone sometimes did have to drive Kenny back home from the bar, drunk, but at least he only bought cheap liquor!

It was about a week after the poker game, when Tyrone was at work, when two beefy men in suits showed up at Kenny’s doorstep. He answered the doorbell, and the men shoved some things in his hand. “Instructions are in there,” said one of the men, in a flawless American accent.

“Do not disappoint us,” said the other, in a very thick Russian accent. The two then walked away. Kenny waited until they were out of sight before looking over what they had given him. There was some sort of container with green liquid sloshing around inside. He read the instructions that they gave him to figure out what he needed to do with it.

“Drink the entire solution. This will cause some bodily changes with your musk. It will become overpowering and hypnotic. Your son is to breathe in your musk and fall completely under your control. Once he is under, contact this number and we will come and collect your son.” Kenny read the message over a few times. It made sense, but what was going to happen to Tyrone once the Russians picked him up? He honestly didn’t want to find out, and just wanted to get this over with. He chugged the solution, the label on it stating it would last 24 hours.

Kenny made sure to be close to the front door, and shirtless, as Tyrone walked in. As he went to his room to change into more casual clothes, he caught a whiff of his dad’s musk, his new hypnotic musk. Tyrone thought about that scent as he changed. What Kenny had been shocked that the Russians knew was that Tyrone had a crush on his father, and so would enjoy smelling his father’s musk. He had even told Kenny about it, and he let his son down gently. First off, he wasn’t gay, or even bi, and incest was fucked up. But now, he would have to do it, or face the wrath of the mafia.

As Tyrone went down to make dinner, he noticed his dad still didn’t put a shirt on. It wasn’t that hot where they were living, and he got a whiff of Kenny’s musk every so often. That slowly brought him deeper and deeper under Kenny’s control. After dinner, as they both cracked open a bottle of beer and were drinking together on the porch, Kenny brought up the possibility of sex.

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