Caught You Sniffing

At first, Pete was excited that his adult son, Harry, offered to do the laundry for both of them while they were quarantining together. It showed that he took initiative and wasn’t a lazy bum. However, there was also an ulterior motive for doing the laundry. For the first couple of weeks, Pete still didn’t know why. Then he began noticing stains in his jockstraps. Now, every man should have some piss stains in their jockstrap, but Pete was more concerned about the caked-on cum he kept on finding.

He knew that he didn’t jerk off while wearing underwear. Yeah, he might have gotten hard and possibly leaked pre-cum, but that wouldn’t explain the stains. Pete still didn’t connect the dots until Harry messed up. His son had mirrored his porn to the T.V. and had been watching it while Pete was gone. He was okay with Harry doing that; fuck, he had even done it a few times himself! He was even fine with the gay porn Harry watched, his son being gay as well. What he had a problem with the content.

It wasn’t gross or illegal, but it did answer all of Pete’s questions. He watched as an attractive nude younger jock was jerking off by using a jockstrap after he sniffed it. “Fuck, Dad, you smell so good!” the porn star moaned a couple of times. He clicked it off and realized that was what his son had been doing with his jockstraps. Harry was straight, but still knew that he needed to punish his son. Cutting him off or kicking him out weren’t appropriate punishments for this sort of thing.

That led Pete to search online for a way to solve his problem. Surprisingly, he found exactly what he was looking for. The cost wasn’t cheap, but it would be well worth it in the end. A few days later, his package came in the mail. He opened it up in his bedroom and took out the vial with the green liquid sloshing around inside. Pete smiled as he took off his jockstrap and dropped some of the liquid into the jockstrap pouch. As the website explained, the jockstrap started to give off some green wisps and smell even muskier.

He then walked downstairs to where Harry was lounging on the couch. His son was a bit shocked by his father walking downstairs nude, and especially by the green and glowing jockstrap he held in his hand. “What the fuck’s going on here!?” Harry asked, getting up.

“I know what you’ve been doing to my dirty and stinky jockstraps, Harry,” Pete explained. “I hope you enjoy this!”

(Musk manipulation/edit done by the incredible @furrypitlover69​)

Pete grabbed his son by his hair while pushing his incredibly musky jockstrap under Harry’s nose. Harry was admittedly shocked at first, but the more and more he breathed in the scent of the jockstrap, the more and more he fell under his father’s control. The shock in his eyes disappeared, and a few seconds later, when Pete pulled the jockstrap away from his son’s nose, Harry smiled at him.

“Daddy, what do you want me to do?”

“Suck me off,” Pete ordered. Neither man had had sex in a while, and in addition to punishing his son, Pete was pretty horny. He knew Harry would give him an excellent blowjob and willingly get fucked by him. Then the real punishment would start. Harry was already on his knees, so he just took Pete’s cock in his hands and began stroking it. Pete did feel pretty weird, having his own son stroke him off, but he knew that Harry would have enjoyed this even without being hypnotized by the musky potion.

He still wasn’t ready for the actual blowjob, but moaned loudly when his son’s mouth wrapped around his cock. He had received many blowjobs before, but never one from a dude, and especially not his own son! It was actually quite better than most of the blowjobs he had in the past, Harry knowing exactly what to do and causing him the most pleasure. Pete was leaking a good amount of pre-cum into his son’s mouth by the time he pushed him away.

“Spread your ass on the couch, boy. I wanna fuck your ass.”

“Yes, Daddy!” Pete watched as his son got into position, his back arched and asscheeks spread wide open, exposing Harry’s tight little hole. Considering all of the gay sex Pete knew his son had, he was surprised Harry’s hole was still that tight. He decided not to think too much about it as he grabbed some lube and a condom and then got ready to fuck his son. Pete had never put his dick in another man’s ass before, but he had done anal before.

It was much easier than fucking someone in the vagina, and Pete did love Harry’s loud moans as his dad expanded his asshole and started fucking him. Pete, of course, didn’t want to topple the couch and break stuff in the living room, but he fucked his son as hard as he could. Harry loved it, his own rock hard cock flopping around and leaking pre-cum onto the couch.

The two of them continued to fuck for a few more minutes, loudly, until Pete announced, “I’m gonna fuckin’ cum!” He wasn’t ready to cum inside of another man’s asshole just yet, so he pulled out and shot load after load all over his son’s back. Harry loved the sensations of his dad’s cum landing on his back and rolling down onto the couch. He ate up as much as Pete’s cum as he could, and Pete even fed his son some of his own cum!

Pete didn’t allow Harry to cum, though. That was just one small part of his punishment. From now on, Harry couldn’t cum while he was in the house. Pete also invested in a chastity cage he locked around his son’s dick. Harry was now in charge of doing all the chores around the house, laundry included. Even though his son couldn’t jerk off to them now, Pete still kept his jockstraps and other dirty underwear separate and washed them in another load. However, he did love to taunt his son sometimes by allowing Harry to sniff his dirty and musky jockstraps. You could hear Harry’s cock straining in its cage, wanting a release.

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