Aladdin Reboot

Jafar looked around the desert. Any second now, the Cave of Wonders would pop up, and inside, he would find a genie lamp. However, he also knew that there were many temptations in the Cave of Wonders, and he couldn’t trust himself to enter. Thankfully, a street rat happened to be walking through that same part of the desert, along with his pet monkey. Iago got rid of the pesky monkey, permanently, while Jafar took out his hypnotic staff and hypnotized the poor man.

(Artwork done by brynhexx over at DeviantArt!)

Jafar learned that the man’s name was Aladdin, but honestly, the vizier didn’t give a shit. He just needed someone to mindlessly walk through the Cave of Wonders and get the genie lamp. Aladdin was able to do just that for Jafar, handing over the lamp to Jafar without any fear of the Cave collapsing in on itself. Jafar rubbed the lamp, and Genie soon appeared out of it. He didn’t know that his new Master was one of the most evil men in Agrabah, and Jafar wished to have absolute power over the country.

Genie unfortunately had to comply, as it didn’t go against any of his rules. Jafar’s next wish was for infinite wishes. Even though Genie tried to explain that he couldn’t do, Jafar’s threats got through to even the all-powerful Genie, and Jafar now had the power to do exactly what he wanted. Even with his newfound power, he wanted to have fun one last time with hypnosis.

The cobra’s eyes glowed as Aladdin stared into again. “From now on, street rat, you will be a male prostitute. You will whore yourself out for money, sucking on stranger’s cocks and getting fucked up the ass by them. However, you will still think of yourself of straight, but be powerless to resist the allure of gay sex.”

“Yes, Jafar, I understand.” Genie was forced to make sure the hypnosis never lifted. Aladdin was then whisked back to the city, along with Jafar and Genie. As Jafar molded Agrabah into his image, taking Princess Jasmine as his concubine, Aladdin was roaming the streets looking for men to suck or get fucked by. “I can’t believe I’m fucking doing this!” Aladdin muttered to himself, as he looked down alleyways and tried to flirt with his eyes to the men who walked by.

He had no memory of the hypnosis or the wish that had caused the change in the way he made money. Aladdin thought he had gone to prostitution, and male prostitution at that, as a way to make more money. While it was certainly true, his first client giving him more money that he normally make in a month scrounging for coins, it wasn’t something Aladdin wanted to do permanently. With all the coins he was saving from sucking on strange men or having cocks in his asshole, though, he was determined to either buy a house and make a honest living, or leave this place.

However, Jafar never forget the street rat, and had a bit more perverted fun with him once his home application reached the new Sultan’s table for signing. Aladdin learned later that day that prostitutes, whether male or female, straight or gay, could not own property. They were also forced to remain in Agrabah. Aladdin, like all of the rest of the prostitutes in Agrabah, was forced to have a drawing made of him, of his nude body. If he was caught somewhere else, he would be severely punished.

For the rest of his life, Aladdin lived as a sex worker. Eventually, he became known as one of the best male sex workers around, even with everything Jafar threw in his way. He retired comfortably in a house that one of his rich clients gifted to him and still legally owned, exposing a loophole in Jafar’s plan. He didn’t care that Jafar had plans to take over the rest of the world, and that Genie was helping him to do it bit by bit. He had learned to love his new life now, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

from Tumblr

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