Forced to Be a Fag

I couldn’t believe what someone who I thought was my best friend had just done to me. Fuck, Tanner and I even lived together! But that fucking fag had a giant smirk on his face as I walked into the living room that morning. “What the fuck you lookin’ at, fag?” I growled. I did enjoy walking around shirtless, and sometimes even in my boxers, showing off something that Tanner would never be able to have.

“I am enjoying the view, Payton, but there’s something you should see on my phone.”

“What the fuck is it?” I asked, as I walked over to him. “It’s not some faggy video, right?”

“No, but I think it will be something you’ll enjoy watching.”

“Hmm.” I was intrigued by Tanner’s remarks. Normally, we didn’t like most of the same stuff. I’m not even sure why I put up with him most days! But I sat down next to him as he pressed play on the video. Seconds in, I realized what the fuck we were watching. I won’t go into any specifics, but let’s just say Tanner had video of me doing something very illegal, like life in prison without parole illegal. “How the fuck did you get this video!?” I screamed at him, grabbing him by his shirt collar.

“That’s for me to know and you to find out,” Tanner replied, still with that annoying smirk of his.

“I’m gonna pound your ass to a pulp, you fag!”

“I wouldn’t do that, Payton. This is the only copy of the video. Of course, I won’t delete it, but I won’t show it to the authorities either if you do what I say.”

“Fuck, Payton! Yeah, I’ll fucking do anything! Just don’t let that tape go public!”

“Great. Now take off your pants and underwear.”

“Wait, what? No, I didn’t say you could force me to become a fag!” At that point, I realized just how much shit I was actually in.

“All it takes is a couple clicks, Payton.”

“Fine, fine!” I said, as I pulled down my pants and underwear and stepped out of them. I instinctively covered my cock and balls with my hands.

“Hands by your side, Payton. And toss me your undies.”

“EW! Do fags like to sniff other men’s underwear?”

“Not all of them, but this one does.” I didn’t do anything for a couple seconds, but when Tanner turned his phone around, I threw my underwear to him and placed my hands by my side. I was forced to watch as Tanner breathed in the scents of my dirty underwear. Thankfully, I hadn’t cummed or pissed while I was wearing them, so they didn’t reek as bad as some of my other pairs, but it was still humiliating. After a couple of minutes, Tanner tossed them aside. “Now help me strip.”

“EW!” I screamed again, but that time, I didn’t add anything else. I begrudgingly helped my best friend to strip. I had of course seen him shirtless a good number of times before, but never in his underwear and certainly not nude. As I pulled his underwear, his impressive cock flopped into my face. “Fuck!” I screamed. I stepped back and looked at the thing. Its length was impressive, and its girth was phenomenal! I thought I had a nice cock, but Tanner’s was even better!

Of course, that was just bros being bros, no homo of course. However, I had a sinking feeling that there was going to be homo very soon. I barely had time to finish that thought before Tanner said, “Get on your knees and suck me off.”

To continue reading Payton’s descent into becoming just another gay cocksucker, and to see a hot gif with Tanner’s impressive cock in action, become my Patron! You get access to complete versions of hot stories, like this one, and NSFW pictures and videos to go along with them! In addition, $5 and above patrons get private and personalized stories monthly.
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