The Homecoming King and Me

I (Jughead, Reggie, Monroe, Fangs, whoever you want), watched as Archie was crowned homecoming king. Of course, Veronica was his queen. I watched as the happy couple had their first slow dance in the middle of the crowd. After the song was over, and the popular rap music began playing again, I couldn’t see Archie. Veronica was hanging out with Betty and the girls, and as far as I could tell, he wasn’t hanging out with another group of guys.

I then got a text. I normally wouldn’t answer my phone at these events, considering most of my contacts were right in front of me. But it could have been my parents calling me, so I took out my phone. There was one text, from Archie. “Meet me in the first floor bathroom. Stall door will be open.” I gulped as I read the text over and over again. Was this actually happening? As I snuck out of homecoming, I knew we wouldn’t be disrupted, no matter what we were doing. Homecoming, and the allotted bathrooms, were on the second floor.

No one noticed me as I made my way there. The door to the bathroom itself was unlocked and open just a little bit. I cringed as it creaked when I pushed it open a little more. Still, nobody heard me, and I walked inside. I walked past the urinals to the stalls. Of course, Archie would take one of the middle ones. I stood in front of him, admiring the view.

(Artwork by the insanely talented @bludwingart)

There he was, shirt unbuttoned, tie loose, and manspreading. I looked at the condom he was holding in his hand. I could make out XL on the packaging. And as for what was under the hat? Well, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out! “So, are you gonna suck me off or what?” Archie asked, pulling the hat away. His rock hard dick was exposed, and it was already leaking pre-cum in anticipation of getting sucked off by one of his friends.

I didn’t give a verbal response, but dropping to my knees and taking Archie’s cock in my hands answered all of his questions. The hat was placed on the ground beside of him and the condom on top of the toilet paper dispenser as the blowjob began. As I didn’t need to get Archie hard first, I put my mouth on his cock and began sucking straight away. With how loud Archie moaned, I was surprised we didn’t get caught.

Even with Archie’s big cock, I was able to swallow it all easily. I loved when my nose nestled in his shaven pubic bush for a few seconds, and Archie loved that too. He also loved holding my face down on his cock, seeing how long I could last before I needed to breathe. The joke was on Archie, though, as I took that time to take off his sash and shirt, unbuttoning it one at a time. Of course, the whole town had seen Archie Andrews shirtless before, but very few guys had seen Archie from this perspective, and most of them probably went to this very high school!

Archie helped me take off the shirt, exposing his meaty biceps and smelly pits for the first time tonight. He couldn’t shove them in my face just yet, due to the awkward and tight fit in the stall, but I could breathe in his scent, and it only turned me on even more. I was tenting in my own dress pants, and a small cum stain had started to appear at the front. I wasn’t shocked by it; in fact, it turned me on a bit more, how kinky it would be when I returned to homecoming having just had sex with the homecoming king!

Eventually, Archie had enough of my mouth. “Strip,” he ordered, and I readily complied. Archie had seen me naked as well, and he had of course seen my tight asshole before. Tonight, though, he wanted to see me as he fucked me. I slid onto his condom-covered cock only using our spit for lube. It was my turn to moan loudly as Archie’s cock pushed inside of me. I had taken the whole thing a good number of times before, but it always expanded my tight and pink hole every time.

I braced myself on the sides of the stalls as Archie rammed his cock into my hole. As I bounced up and down on his cock, sweat flying everywhere, Archie began talking dirty to me. “Yeah, you’re just my little slut, aren’t ya? You love taking Archie’s thick and juicy cock up your ass, don’t ya? I know you love it, you fuckin’ whore. You love sneaking around and getting fucked by Archie, don’t ya?”

I’ll admit, Archie wasn’t the best at dirty talking, but it still fucking turned me on, and after he stopped talking, he shoved one of his stinky pits into my face. As I breathed in Archie’s rank odors deeply, I realized what was about to happen. “Fuck! Cum!” was all I was able to get out, before cum started spewing from my cock. That would be a great story for Archie to brag about, making me cum without touching my cock! He stopped fucking me for a few seconds as my load trickled out of me. It wasn’t one of my biggest cumshots, but it was still so fucking hot seeing it roll down my body and onto Archie’s sweaty body as well.

Once my cock had pretty much gone flaccid again, Archie continued to fuck me. There was an adage saying that once a bottom cums, it’s no fun for them, but whoever said that was dead fuckin’ wrong! I still enjoyed Archie’s cock plowing into my hole for a few more minutes. “FUCK! I’m gonna fucking cum!” Archie announced. I could feel his cum filling up the condom inside of my hole, the condom pressing up against my insides. Once he finished cumming, I pulled out and looked at the load Archie had shot for the first time.

“Swallow it,” he ordered. My dick twitched, about to get hard again, and it did as I sucked all of Archie’s cum out of the condom. He just smiled at me as I did so, a horny slut for his cum. Once I had finished, we both walked out of the stall and I threw the condom away. It felt a little kinky walking around school naked, even if it was just the bathroom. The two of us didn’t say anything as we got dressed. We only spoke when we were back on the second floor, and Archie pointed out we should stagger our entrances, so no one would suspect anything. That was surprisingly smart, and by the time we went home, no one suspected that the homecoming king and I had fucked.

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