Mark posted the funny and cute Boomerang to his Instagram story after an interview at a convention. While their fans got a treat indulging their sexual fantasies about the pair of men, the reality was starkly different. After the convention was over, K.J. was forced to go home with Mark, sitting in the backseat of his car. “Good boy,” Mark said, turning around and smiling devilishly at his younger co-star. “You did exactly what Daddy wanted you to do.”

K.J. just gulped as Mark turned around and started to drive home. It had all started around the time Season Two of Riverdale had started shooting. Hiram Lodge was finally going to be introduced in person, and K.J. and Mark would be sharing a lot of scenes together that season. They decided to meet up and chat about their roles. K.J. expected Mark to be living in the same house as Kelly Ripa and their kids. However, the address K.J. arrived at was a nice suburban home, one that a celebrity probably wouldn’t be living in.

However, after K.J. knocked on the door, Mark opened it. “Come on in!” K.J. walked inside and followed the older actor to his living room. If K.J. had looked around a bit more, he would have seen that Mark had no pictures of his family, or even his co-stars, in his home. It looked like any suburban family could live in this house, and that was exactly what Mark had wanted. He poured K.J. a drink, the actor being well above age, and the two of them chatted for a few minutes about the scripts they had received so far and the outline for the season.

As he finished his glass, K.J. felt weak and a bit tired. He hadn’t hit the gym yet today, so he didn’t know what the fuck was going on with him. “Uh, Mark, I don’t feel too good.”

“I know, K.J. The drugs are working. Any second now, you’ll close your eyes and fall asleep.”

“Wait, what the fuck?” K.J. went up to punch his co-star, but instead, he lost his balance and fell to the ground. A couple seconds later, he closed his eyes and fell fast asleep. When he finally woke up, he was no longer in Mark’s living room. Instead, he was in a basement of some kind. The cool breeze all over his body, including his genitals, woke him right up. “Help!” he wanted to scream, but a ball gag was in his mouth.

However, the mumbling and the groans told Mark that K.J. had finally woken up. The older actor switched on a light and illuminated the entire basement. As K.J. had expected, it was a BDSM sex dungeon of some kind. He was currently bound to a metal frame, spread-eagled. He could see Mark clearly now, his co-star also naked. However, Mark was wearing leather bondage gear, and was holding a paddle in his hand. “Who’s going to be my good little boy?” he asked, with the same devilish smirk K.J. would soon learn to hate.

The Riverdale actor was paddled, whipped, spanked, and anally penetrated by a number of different dildos. And that was just the torture on K.J.’s ass! No part of his body was spared from Mark’s wrath, and by the time it was finally over, K.J. was begging Mark to stop. He would be his “boy”, whatever the fuck that meant. K.J. also knew that he didn’t have a choice. Mark had taken pictures and videos of K.J.’s entire torture. Mark wasn’t in any of those, and even if they did get out, people would be more focused on K.J.’s nude body and rock hard cock than the fact that the BDSM going on that might not have been consensual.

It became a weekly ritual for K.J. to go to Mark’s other home and be the submissive in Mark’s perverted sex dungeon. BDSM wasn’t the only thing Mark did with K.J., though. He also had sex with his “boy”. K.J. had learned over the course of three seasons how to suck cock like a porn star, and his asshole was now permanently expanded by Mark’s cock and other toys that had been shoved up there. What was even more humiliating was that Mark had brought some of his other co-stars in on it. Cole in particular had fun fucking and abusing K.J., and other stars like Casey and Charles loved playing with Mark’s “boy” too.

Today, it was pretty much the same as normal. Once they were inside the house, K.J. was forced to strip completely naked. Normally, he was forced to put on both a tight metal chastity cage and a comically large butt plug. For his good job today, he was allowed to chose which one to put on. He decided on the butt plug. He was forced to shove it up his own ass. Mark admired the picture at the base of the butt plug. He never tired of seeing K.J. dressed up in only a diaper with the words “Daddy’s Boy” above and below him.

The two of them then made their ways downstairs. No co-stars or other celebrities were set to join them today, so K.J. was forced to endure a number of different kinds of torture by Mark himself. With his cock freed, edging was one of the first things Mark indulged in. Even now, K.J. still hadn’t gotten used to edging, and he begged Mark to let him cum whenever he got close to cumming. Mark learned that he loved to hear K.J. beg and moan, and so didn’t gag him, but didn’t let him cum for an hour and a half. And when he finally let the poor man cum, it was a ruined orgasm, like always. K.J. watched as his particularly big load just trickled from his cock instead of spurting out from it like it should.

The rest of the day was spent on physical punishment and some throat training. Clamps were attached to K.J.’s nipples and weights were put on them, Mark wanting to see how much the stud could take. Once that was figured out, Mark moved on to throat training. He wanted to see how long his boy could hold his breath with a massive cock in his mouth. Over about three years, K.J. had been forced to learn to hold his breath for just over three minutes. Of course, Mark wanted him to go longer, and K.J. was forced to practice that until it was time for bed.

Since they weren’t needed on set the next day, or anywhere else really, K.J. was forced to sleep at Mark’s house. The chastity cage was put on, and he was pushed into a cage that barely fit him before Mark locked it up and left for the night. K.J. knew the next morning would be like most others, the start of a long day of punishment and torture. And he didn’t have a viral Ab-O-Meter on his side to diminish the intensity of it tomorrow.

from Tumblr https://ift.tt/3fXL4h9

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