Don’t Mess Around with Your Mom’s Makeup

Diego had recently come out to his parents as gay. While his mother wholeheartedly accepted him, his father was a bit more hesitant. Antonio had grown up in a culture where gays were supposed to have their heads bashed in. But Diego was his son, though, and he could tell it took a lot of guts to tell him that. And besides, he and Juanita were fighting yet again, and he didn’t want to add any extra fuel to the fire.

However, Diego really wasn’t helping his case with Antonio when he decided he wanted to try some makeup. He didn’t want to use his mom’s, so he asked Antonio for a ride to the store. “For what, hijo? You know it’s dangerous to go to the store unless we need to.”

“It’s for, um, for makeup, Papi.”

“Diego, I’m still not 100% fine with you being gay, but makeup is where I draw the line. No son of mine will ever wear makeup, and that’s final.” The father and son traded words for a few more minutes, but Diego could not get his point across to Antonio. The older man was not having it. Diego went to his room to sulk, and also to formulate a plan. Of course, Antonio worked as well, but he and Juanita rarely worked the same shift on the same day. Diego was able to access the shared calendar for the household and saw that in just three days, Mami and Papi would be working on the same day.

He anxiously awaited the day that both cars were out of the driveway. Once he couldn’t see his papi’s car anymore, he walked into the master bedroom. There were locks on many of the drawers, owing to the high crime in the area, but thankfully, Juanita didn’t keep her makeup drawer unlocked. There was nothing too valuable in there. Diego took out many different kinds of makeup, such as blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and concealer. In fact, he raided the whole drawer! He was about to close it when he realized the drawer was a bit longer than it appeared to be.

Diego reached into the back and grabbed one final tube. When he was able to look at it, he found out it was chapstick. However, there was also a note attached to it, in some fancy handwriting. “To my dearest Juanita, when Antonio stops lying to himself, use this chapstick. Remember, it will only work if you have an hijo.” Diego read over the note a few times. He still wasn’t sure what it meant. Was Mami having an affair? And what did it mean by the chapstick “working”?

It couldn’t hurt to try. Diego took the cap off and rubbed it all over his lips. The chapstick was bland, but did what it was supposed to do. However, just a couple seconds later, Diego got a pounding headache. It was so fucking bad, he needed to sit on the ground and hold his head as he let it pass. He heard Mami’s voice in his head, for some reason. “Oh, hijo, what have you done! That chapstick was given to me by a mystic, to be used when your papi came to terms with his own homosexuality. Now I’m going to become youuuuuuuuu…”

Juanita’s voice trailed off as the possession, body swap, or whatever the fuck it was finally ended. Diego was fucking scared. What would happen now? What would Antonio say when he found out? Diego didn’t need to wait that long to find the answer. Apparently, the seismic shift of removing Juanita from the world had far reaching effects, and Antonio sped home as fast as he could, cops be damned! He ran through his house and found Diego still sitting on the master bedroom floor, coming to terms with what had just happened.

“I fucking told you not to play with makeup, hijo! Now look what you’ve fucking done!”

“I’m sorry, Papi! Is there any way to reverse this?”

“No, hijo, it’s fuckin’ permanent. But I guess it’s time to call your tio Carlos. He’s fuckin’ gay too.”

“Oh.” Diego had only met Tio Carlos once, when he was baptized. He had known about him growing up, but never questioned why he wasn’t at any family gatherings. Diego was forced to remain in the master bedroom as Carlos drove across town and arrived at the house. A couple minutes after he entered the house, Carlos and Antonio walked into the master bedroom.

“Hola, Diego. Long time no see. Mi hermano told me that you were playing around with Juanita’s makeup, and now you are her or whatever.”

“Yeah, that’s true, Tio Carlos.”

“So that means you’re gonna have to be our bottom, hijo,” Antonio pointed out.

“What!? I don’t want that!”

“Me neither, hijo, but since you’re your mama now, it’s what has to be done. Strip.”

“No,” Diego defiantly announced, but his papi and his tio were quite strong. Carlos was able to hold Diego down as Antonio ripped off all of his clothes. Diego was forced to stand in the bedroom stark naked as the two older men in front of him stripped as well. Diego had of course seen other men’s cocks before, but never ones in real life as big as Papi’s and Tio Carlos’.

“On the bed,” Carlos ordered, but ironically, he didn’t hop up there with his nephew. It was Antonio who was going to be fucking Diego first, as technically, Antonio would be fucking his wife. He didn’t need lube or a condom to fuck Diego. He just shoved his cock inside of Diego’s tight hole.

“FUUUCK!” Diego screamed, but his papi did nothing. In fact, he fucked Diego extremely hard, plowing into his ass and nearly choking him.

The bed creaked as well, the same sounds Diego used to hear late at night sometimes. Antonio did not let up fucking his son like the fuckin’ bitch that he was, and nearly blew his load before his brother a turn. “Here, fuck his sorry ass,” Antonio said, as the two of them switched places. Carlos was not a sensual fucker by any means, but he was a little less intense than his brother. The bed didn’t creak as much, and he didn’t choke Diego either.

However. Antonio was itching to cum in his new boywife, as he was going to call Diego, so the brothers switched back and Antonio began plowing his son’s hole again. It was only seconds later that both men moaned as Antonio pumped his first of many loads into his boywife’s new pussy. His cumshot was massive, and a good amount of cum leaked from Diego’s ass and onto the bed as Carlos went in and fucked Diego a bit more.

He lasted a bit longer on the second time around than his brother did, but Carlos was on the verge of cumming quickly too, and Diego was filled with the second load of the day. Carlos had an equally impressive cumshot as his brother, and both hermanos forced Diego to eat the mixture of cum and ass juices that was leaking from his pussy, as they both called it now. Once they were done with him, they let him rest on the bed. They both had to go back to work. Antonio had a threat for his new boywife, though.

“You’re going to be our fuckin’ bitch from now on, hijo, you hear me? Carlos and I are going to pound your fuckin’ pussy whenever we feel like it and as hard as we want. And you’re just going to take it like the dumb slutty boywife that you are, Diego. You understand?”

“Si, Papi,” Diego responded. He knew he should haven’t played around with his mom’s makeup, but there was now going back now.

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