Underwear Changes

And here is the second story of the month from the generous patron! He enjoyed this story a lot, but would have changed one scene in the middle to make it even hotter. Nevertheless, he enjoyed it, and if you become my Patron, you can enjoy personalized and private stories like this one too!

Cyrus was always on the lookout for ways to make money. He was a perpetually broke college kid, whose part-time job barely covered the bills, if that. He had taken part in a number of experiments in the science department, and had even been a model in an art class before! Thankfully, he was able to keep his underwear on for it, but no amount of money would be enough for him to do that again! As he looked over one of the many bulletin boards around campus, he noticed an interesting job opportunity.

“Company looking for beta testers for new underwear brand. Males only; looking for all shapes and sizes!” Cyrus pulled the tab and went to call the number once he sat down on a nearby bench. He liked that the company wasn’t just looking for chiseled hunks to sell underwear. While Cyrus certainly wasn’t ugly, he wasn’t the first choice for many people. He had a slightly chunky build, some acne on his face, and little to no actual muscles to speak of. He had surprisingly dated a couple girls, but in college, most of them had much better options than him.

“Hello? I’m inquiring about the job opportunity for beta testing the new underwear.”

“Come to this address,” the voice on the other end of the line said. After it rattled off a nearby address, they hung up. The store was quite literally right next door to campus, so Cyrus walked over there. He did need to get some cardio in this week, and he got to admire the view around campus. A few minutes later, he walked into the quaint little shop. It seemed to sell only underwear, every kind you could imagine. He walked up to the sales counter.

“I’m here for the beta testing gig?”

“Size?” asked the person behind the counter. It was clear he was getting tired of doing this.

“Uh, large,” Cyrus said. He hoped it wasn’t a boutique place that measured underwear the same way they did pants. The man tossed a pair of gray underwear with a white band to Cyrus.

“Changing room is through that door. Wear them for the rest of the day, then report back to us. Thank you for taking part in the beta testing,” the man dryly added, like he had said the same thing too many times to count now. Cyrus walked into the “changing room”, which was just a little alcove separated by a curtain. He looked over the underwear. It didn’t seem to actually need “beta testing”; it just looked to be a regular pair of underwear. Still, it was good money, so he put it on and left the store. As he walked back to his dorm room, he didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary concerning the underwear. They were honestly a bit more comfy than some of the underwear he usually wore, but there were no other differences.

However, about halfway to his room, his underwear started to vibrate. Cyrus thought it was his phone at first, but after he pulled it out of his pocket, his body still continued to vibrate in that general area. Thankfully, it didn’t look obscene, so Cyrus was still able to walk home the same way he normally did. However, he started to notice a few changes. One was that the vibrations were making his cock hard. He didn’t know how to shut it off, but he quickly realized he didn’t want to.

He was imagining the women, and even some men, on campus, naked and rubbing their naked bodies up against his. He was normally never this sexual, especially outside. Cyrus usually liked to focus on academics, but today, he had to focus on getting back to his dorm room without anyone noticing his pants tenting from this throbbing erection. Thankfully, he was able to get to his room just fine, and luckily, his roommate wasn’t in there as well!

He went to his room and locked the door. Then he was overcome with a sudden urge to take off his shirt and unbutton his pants. Cyrus didn’t like to be shirtless, even in the comfort of his room, but he did just that, and even put his hand down his pants. He was so lost in the myriad good feelings he was experiencing, he didn’t notice that his body was changing as well! The underwear was vibrating ever quicker now and shedding Cyrus’ fat by the second!

In less than a minute, Cyrus looked like a brand-new person, a muscular dumb skater. Once the bodily changes were complete, the vibrations died down, but didn’t go away completely. That meant Cyrus could act like himself again, only to find out that his whole fuckin’ appearance had changed. “What the fuck happened to me!? I don’t want to become another muscled jock! I need to take these off!”

Cyrus tried to take the boxers off, but it was no use. Instead of pulling them down, he found himself rubbing his cock through the fabric and moaning in pleasure. The more he tried to put in effort to take them off, the more and more hornier he got. Eventually, Cyrus just couldn’t take it anymore. He came in his underwear, something his old body didn’t like to do. However, his old brain was almost literally pumped out with the cum spewing out of his cock. Once he finished cumming, he was no longer Cyrus any more. He was just Cy, a dumb skater bro who had lucked into college.

Surprisingly, despite not even knowing how to count to ten any more, Cy was still able to make his way back to the underwear store. Of course, he stopped to have sex with a couple of hot guys along the way, both of them turned on by Cy’s dumb skater speak. He eventually did make it to the store. “Like, wat’s up, brah! I’m here for, like, the progress report, man!” Cy also realized that he hadn’t noticed just how fuckin’ hot the dude behind the counter was.

“Okay, let’s see, Cyrus Buckman, skater himbo boxers. Okay, thank you!”

“Dude, it’s, like, Cy now. And what the, like, fuck was that about, man?”

“Oh, the ‘beta testing’ that you did is for a special kind of underwear that turns you into a stereotype. You weren’t actually always a dumb skater himbo, you know. But the effects are irreversible, especially once you’ve cum in them. I hope you enjoy your new life, and tell your friends to partake in the beta testing too.”

“Par-take? Like, whatever, man, okay!” Cy left the shop, hoping to find another hut dude to fuck before going back to his room again. He didn’t know what the fuck “partake” meant, but if it meant more men turning into dumb himbos like him, that would be, like, so fuckin’ hot!
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