Brotherly Blackmail

Jeremy and Donny had a pretty normal brotherly relationship. They both hated each other outwardly, pranking their brother and wishing ill upon them. Deep down, though, they both loved each other and would honestly do anything for their brother. The two of them were also very similar to each other in a lot of other ways. People swore the two of them were twins, because of their similar builds, haircuts, and even tone of voice! However, once you really got to know the brothers, there was one major difference.

Jeremy was gay and Donny was straight. Donny hadn’t been comfortable with his brother’s sexuality at first, but he had warmed up to it and treated his brother’s boyfriends just like he would his girlfriends, besides the possibility of them fucking, though! Even though he had come to terms with Jeremy’s sexuality, he wasn’t comfortable changing around him, or even being shirtless in the hot summer months. He, like most people, didn’t like incest, and didn’t want Jeremy to have anything to add to his spank bank. Sometimes, being shirtless couldn’t be avoided, but he tried as hard as fuck not to be naked or even in his underwear around Jeremy.

Donny was right. Jeremy did enjoy the thought of incest, and especially wanted his hot and hunky older brother. Unfortunately, Donny never let Jeremy see his naked body, or even shirtless body most days! It was always shocking when the two brothers went to the beach, and the other beachgoers wondered why Donny was hiding such a ripped body underneath some ratty old t-shirt. Of course, Jeremy wanted to see what his brother had been hiding from him. He had thought about hypnosis, or even setting up a fake kidnapping scenario.

However, what Jeremy really needed fell right into his lap. Just before he logged into a website to make his purchase of a hypnosis tape, he got a text from an unknown number. He normally would have brushed it off, but there were no words attached, just a video. He tentatively clicked play on the video, hoping it wouldn’t infect his phone with some kind of virus. Nothing happened when he clicked on it, and after a few seconds of total blackness, Donny popped up on the screen, surprisingly.

Jeremy watched as the video played out and Donny did something very illegal. Jeremy couldn’t look away from the video, and watched it until the very end. He despised what his brother had just done, and the fact that he was sleeping soundly in his bed right now. Before he called the police, Jeremy had an idea. Maybe he could use this video to his own advantage. He stormed into his brother’s room and shook him up.

“Donny! Donny! Wake up! I have something I need to show ya!”

“Fuck, Jer, what is it?” he asked. He made sure never to sleep naked, and most nights he wore at least a t-shirt and some shorts.

“You need to watch this.” Donny was expecting a viral video of some kind, and wondered why the fuck Jeremy would wake him up for this. He was not expecting to watch a fuckin’ VIDEO of what he did last night.

“Where the fuck did you get this, Jeremy!? You need to fuckin’ delete it, right fuckin’ now!”

“I’m not going to do that, Donny.”

“Who the fuck knows about the video? Oh, please god, don’t tell me you sent it to the police!”

“No, and I won’t, if you do something for me.”

“Anything, Jeremy, I fuckin’ swear, anything! Just don’t send that tape to the police.”

“Then you’re going to become my gay sex slave.”

“EW! Fuck no, Jer! I’m not fuckin’ gay!”

“All it takes is one simple text, Donald, and your life will be ruined forever. In fact, with this crime, they might even give you more than one life sentence!”

“Shit, fuck, Jeremy, I’ll fuckin’ do it! But I’m not a fuckin’ fag, you hear me?”

“No, you’re just gonna be my gay sex slave. Make yourself some breakfast and then come to the bathroom afterwards.” Jeremy then left Donny’s room. Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, he thought to himself. He had to choose the lesser of two evils. The more he thought about it, the more and more being Jeremy’s gay sex slave sounded better, even if it was still totally fucked up. He got out of bed and made himself breakfast. He tried to make a fancy breakfast, even involving steak, but Jeremy said he could wait all day.

Eventually, Donny couldn’t hold it off any longer and was forced to go to the upstairs bathroom. That’s where he expected Jeremy to be. It was the biggest bathroom in the house, weirdly opulent for a suburban house of their size. Jeremy was in there, standing stark naked. Donny had seen Jeremy a good number of times before; it was just never the other way around. “Close the door and lock it,” Jeremy ordered. Even though it was just the two of them in the house, Jeremy wanted to play some mind games on his older brother.

Donny did as he was ordered. “Now take off all of your clothes. And do it quickly.”

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